5 Quick Steps to WordPress Website Security
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5 Quick Steps to WordPress Website Security

Hi everyone! This is Zack Barton with Barton Interactive. We’re here again today with five steps we
recommend taking if your website is under attack, or if you simply want to beef up the
security on your website. The first step we recommend taking is backing
up your site and updating it. If you’re using a content management system
such as WordPress, make sure you update to the latest version. You don’t want to leave anything outdated,
and you don’t want to leave any old unused plugins or user accounts laying around. So make sure you update your content management
system, as well as any plugins or extensions you’re using. Our second recommendation would be to force
a password reset to all existing admin users. This is obvious to most, but some don’t know
that passwords should be very hard to guess of course. So you want to make sure you’re using mixed
case, letters, numbers, special characters, etc.. If you’re a WordPress user, we do recommend
a plugin for this. It’s free, and it’s called Emergency Password
Reset. The third recommendation we would make in
this case would be the expire passwords plugin if you’re a WordPress user. This forces all admin users to reset their
passwords every 30 days. The fourth recommendation we would make would
be to limit the number of login attempts. If you’re a WordPress user, you can user a
free plugin for this called Limit Login Attempts Reloaded. This would set something up where you would
only allow three login attempts per IP address. And if you’re using any other content management
system, of course, you can find something very comparable out there. Our fifth and final recommendation would be
to prohibit access to your admin from any countries that you normally wouldn’t login
to your admin from. Some would call this geo-blocking, and the
idea here is to stop people from even accessing your admin login screen if they don’t live
in the country or countries that you normally live in. For example, if your website is in the United
States and you never plan to leave the country, you can go ahead and safely block all other
countries from even accessing your admin login screen. This is very easy to do if you’re a WordPress
user, with the free plugin called iQ Block Country. Thanks for watching. Those are our recommendations for beefing
up the site security or stopping a current attack. Please be sure to subscribe if you liked this
video, and share, like, and / or comment as well. Thanks again, and have a great day!

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