5 Menit Cara Membuat Website dengan Prestashop dari cPanel – Dewaweb
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5 Menit Cara Membuat Website dengan Prestashop dari cPanel – Dewaweb

Hi everyone! Many of you are probably interested in creating an online shop. Today I’m going to explain how to create a website using PrestaShop Why should we use PrestaShop? Because PrestaShop is a platform specifically created for e-commerce, so you don’t have to worry about order process, invoice creation, and even transaction report because PrestaShop will provide you with all these. PrestaShop is open source so you can use it free and they also offer various templates to help you in creating your website. Want learn more, so stay tuned! To use Prestashop, First you have to prepare a domain and hosting account, after your domain and hosting account is active and connected, login to your cPanel using username and password provided, then scroll down to ‘Software’ section, then click the Softaculous Apps Installer, then click install on PrestaShop. After that, just fill in the provided form according to the configuration you want. When you’re done, click install. In this tutorial, I want to explain how to create catalogue and configure our e-commerce website. But first, I’m going to explain the functions of PrestaShop’s menus: Dashboard menu is to see the summary of sales, order, how many products were put in the carts, the amount of website visitors, conversion rate, and net profit. ‘Preferences’ is use to customize the website, from security, purchasing flow, the amount of products being shown per page, to your website’s theme. ‘Advanced parameters’ is to see the condition of server ‘Administration’ is useful to configure maximum image size you can upload and more. Ok now we’re going to configure our website First, we have to change our store logo by clicking preference and choose themes. In logo menu, click add file to upload our store logo, then click save to save it. Now we’re going to change the image from the existing banner from PrestaShop theme, but first, to find out the mapping of PrestaShop banner, click module and service, choose position and click live edit. You will see the mapping of the banner as well as the buttons in PrestaShop. To change image from slider, we choose the module names, click modules and service, then search the module name according to the modules mapping, click configure, then click edit. Upload the image you want and change the image description as you wish, then click save. Next, we’re going to add blog menu in our e-commerce PrestaShop category by clicking preference, choose CMS, click add new and fill in the CMS directory name with the name you want. For this tutorial, we’re going to fill in Blog, in Blog category we’re going to add articles by clicking add new then fill in the page content as you wish, when you’re done, click save and preview. To show Blog menu on our web, click modules and service then search top menu then click configure. Choose blog menu from category available items and click add, then click save. To display our unpublished articles, just click here. To change the look of the menu, go to modules and service, search top menu, click configure, choose remove to remove menu, click up and down arrows at change position to change the order of the menu, then click save to save it. Now we put in our store address details by click on preference, choose store contact, then fill in as you wish. To change the store location, click localization then change default country to where you’re from, for us, choose Indonesia. Also don’t forget to change the currency and unit weight you’re going to be using. Now, I’m going to explain how to add products on prestashop, click quick access, choose new products, then fill in the name of the products, description, price, and images you want, then click save to save it. Now I’m going to explain how to configure our store payment choices. First choose module and service, choose payment, in active payment section choose bank wire and click configure, put in the contact detail for your bank account, and click save. Now, we’re going to choose courier for our e-commerce website, by click on shipping, choose carriers, click add new, then put in the API of your chosen courier to connect to our e-commerce website. When it’s complete, click save. Or you can also do this by installing plugin provided by the courier, by clicking modules and services, then choose shipping and logistic then choose the courier module you want, then click install. To change Facebook box, choose the module name and click modules and service , then search the module name according to the modules mapping, click configure, then click edit, write down our Facebook URL and click save. Yay! You have created your own website in only 5 minutes! If you need any help, you can visit dewaweb.com and chat Dewaweb’s ninja support 24/7 or if you have any questions, you can leave your questions in the comment below! Don’t forget to subscribe, like, or comment, or for other video, clik here!


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