5 Budget Tips for Hosting a Holiday Luncheon + $27 Ralph’s Grocery Haul (all sale items)
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5 Budget Tips for Hosting a Holiday Luncheon + $27 Ralph’s Grocery Haul (all sale items)

hi everyone its melissa here today as
you can see i’m expecting company for a holiday luncheon my husband has a friend
from out of town visiting us here in los angeles i’m doing a very simple lunch
today on a budget as a bonus if you want to stick around
I just hoofed it back from the grocery store so I’m happy to share with you a
little bit about what I bought both to use for today and the upcoming days
everything was on sale on clearance had a coupon so I’ll share that with you at
the end today’s lunch I am just hosting a very simple cold lunch my husband
mentioned that he wanted to do something very California feeling and should we do
burgers with avocado and I said nope because I just didn’t want to be
bothered with cooking when people are here I’ve preset my table really
beautifully using things that I already have I did not buy any paper goods for
entertaining and I looked inside my fridge freezer and pantry to see what I
already had that I could use up the first item I wanted to share with you is
a homemade cake this is a pineapple upside-down cake
I used a shortcut by using a can of pineapple I already had in the pantry
and a boxed cake mix that I picked up on sale over the holidays and this for
about two dollars is a beautiful and homemade cake that I’ll be serving my
guests and it looks really beautiful on the table I went to Ralph’s and I picked
up using a coupon a little bit of luncheon meat delicious grainy bread and
I’m mixing up a simple salad and serving cold cuts some tuna salad and I’m gonna
have all the sandwich fixings we have a ton of beautiful lettuce growing in our
garden so I’m gonna send the kids out to pick that before company sits down to
lunch we have pickles we have cheese and
crackers and that is lunch I did pick up avocados on sale since it’s December and
they’re in season so for 50 cents an avocado we’re making
this lunch feel a little bit fancy for our guests and most of all I really just
tried to pick up the house make sure my table looked beautiful and that way
anything I’m serving feels like something special even though it’s not
potluck I really didn’t spend too much money at all on this lunch let’s go in
the kitchen and I’m going to show you what I have planned for the next few
days as well as a couple of things that I picked at
today and what that cost and I wanted to quickly share with you two things that
I’m planning on serving that I had already purchased for the family the
superfood salad that I picked up at Costco this week I’d had it just to have
on hand for us in the kids since the timing worked out for about five dollars
I got this salad and I’m gonna serve it for company today pickles this was in my
pantry so these are gonna go in a beautiful pickle dish on the table to go
with our sandwiches this huge haul of groceries including four avocados two
boxes of raspberries and some really normally very expensive grainy healthy
bread I picked all of this up for just over $27 at Ralph’s I used $12 and 23
cents of coupons and in addition I picked up things on clearance
I’m picking up 75 cent mushrooms organic mushrooms for 99 cents and then I had an 80 cent coupon to stack on top of that on top of all of that I had a $1 off
natural foods coupon for Ralph’s and that’s such a mystery to me but my
checker told me that you can pretty much always apply it if you’re buying produce
any of the organic brands or things like the healthy breads I had a $1 off coupon
for the bread and it was already on sale things like the avocados were $0.50 an
avocado today so that was something that was sort of a splurge feeling item
that’s gonna oomph up and make something as simple as a sandwich bar seemed a
little bit more special for my guests today I do want to point out the
clearance produce that comes like this I got three of those a huge one dollar bag
of squash that I’m gonna cook up along with the mushrooms and do some little
egg muffins that I can have both for breakfasts and snacks but also to freeze
for later on in the new year this produce seems like a lot of produce but
once I cook it later tonight or tomorrow I can already incorporate it into what
we’re eating for the week into items for freezing and these bananas are gonna go
into banana bread which my girls have been jonesing for and I like to make and
freeze my banana bread on hand for hostess gifts snacks and
lunch boxes $27 is pretty fair for buying all healthy items mostly produce
and pretty typically expensive produce I did buy this is the honey turkey that’s
like eight dollars for this package and then I had an 80 cent coupon off of that
so this was a convenience and this is gonna fill out my lunch offerings in
case somebody doesn’t want tuna sandwiches but I know that my family is
gonna eat it thanks so much for joining me today please remember to like hit
subscribe if you haven’t already and share this video with someone that you
think could use it and I hope you have a really happy new year
bye bye


  • Erica Terry DIY

    You are an inspiration! That cake looks amazing and I am in love with those green dishes. And love your little girl picking veggies!!!

  • Anna Oleary

    Wow! How special you did that for your guests! I would think it would cost you way more than it actually did! I can’t wait to see more of your videos! Just subscribed!

  • Susy B.

    Your table set up is beautiful!! And that pineapple upside down cake ?? Thanks for sharing new subscriber hope we can support each other! ❤️?

  • Jan From NYC Saves Money!

    That luncheon looks amazing! Really love the pineapple upside down as a great display and good use of pantry! Cold foods great choice! Awesome deals on your haul! A banana bread video would be great!!

  • Rose Rive

    Over from CLWMMOM. Nice video tfs. Those green plates are giving me green eyes! How you catered your wedding would make a great video.

  • Dinahsoar

    Hi. I came over from MoneyMom. Love your tips….Subbed your channel. Love the Jadite dishes. My grandmother had them so they take me back in time. I'm a huge fan of retro. I checked out your other channel too and plan to sub. to it. I'm a big fan of Asian food. And very interested in Jewish customs. My maternal great-grandmother was Jewish. She died b/4 I was born.

  • Theresa Beauchamp

    Money mom sent me. What is your other channel?? Question how can you grow anything in a apartment?? I do Managers specials for meat.

  • Alicia Does Adulting

    You made that cake for $2?!?! That is crazy! I probably would have paid well over $10 in a store for that! Well done! That superfood salad is my absolute favorite!

  • Tanzy Thress

    Am from Chattanooga Tn. I live across the line in Ga. Now. We do have Kroger . About 16 miles away from me. I have store a called Food city and Aldi is close to us. Our krogers aren't cheap at all. ?

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