421 Too Many Connection (8) From IP Error- FileZilla 2019

Hello friends welcome back this is Bhagyashree
with DomainRacer documentation team and in today’s video I’m going to explain you how
to fix 421 too many connection error in filezilla so let’s… here in FileZilla you can see when
I am trying to connect to the server it showing an 412 many connection error it cause when
you try to connect to many times via FTP to the server this mainly happened because of
filezilla configuration wrongly to set the simultaneous connection limit via filezilla
here click on file go to site manager and click on transfer setting this is the exact
sitting we need to modify here so click on limit number of simultaneous connections and
here limit your simultaneous connection up to 4 because many web hosting provider has
Limited concurrent connections to maintain quality of service or server limitations and
click on Ok button you can also view and close your simultaneous connection via CPanel so
login into cPanel account and go to FTP connection under file section hereyou can notice 8 connection
already connected here that’s why the 9th connection is Getting Rrejected so to disconnect
the connection here click on disconnect button again click on disconnect hear it showing
an message FTP session was terminated now let’s go back to filezilla and let’s check
here click on quick connect button and now I am going to connecting successfully this
is how you can solve 421 too many connection error in filezilla….!

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