4.  How To Upload WordPress Using FTP Client
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4. How To Upload WordPress Using FTP Client

FTP is another way you can use to access your
files on your web host in this video we are going to use FTP to upload WordPress instead
of the cPanel whether you use FTP or the cPanel really comes down to personal preference to
allows the setup a FTP access we first need the configuration settings we can get these
by going to the cPanel and clicking on FTP accounts.
This area here is used to create a new FTP accounts, this is useful if you have multiple
websites on your web-host but but want to limit someone’s access to only one of the
websites. Since you are on the web host you want to
have any restrictions so can do is go down to the bottom to where it says special FTP
accounts. There you should see the username that you
use to log into your cPanel on the right-hand side click on configure FTP client this will
show you the settings you need to put into your FTP client to be able to connect your
Web server now with a minimise my web browser to go to my FTP client.
The FTP client I use and recommend is FileZilla and I have put a link to this program in the
description below. Once you open FileZilla click on this little
button here which will bring up the site manager. The site manager is where you can insert your
FTP configuration settings, as you can see I have already got FTP set-up for three different
websites, yours should just be blank, click on new site and name it.
I’m going to name mine PeterStavrou.com so I knowthese FTP settings are used to connect
to my PeterStavrou.com website. This is where I’m going enter the configuration
settings which we previously saw on the cPanel once you’ve entered your settings click on
connect okay here we go we have just connected to the web host, as you can see is nothing
in there yet but that is where we can upload our WordPress file to upload a go to WordPress
file and simply drag it into this box. Down here, you will see your WordPress file
being uploaded to your web host. Once this has finished uploading you will
see it here. You can also check if you upload was successful by clicking on this tab here.
Here you can see your successful upload history. Okay so we have now successfully upload the
file using FTP but it is still zipped, the most reliable way to unzip the file is to
follow the steps we use in the previous video, go back to your cPanel, click on file manager
and press go. As you can see, the WordPress file you just
uploaded using FTP is here, click on it and click on extract and then click on extract
files. Again, once the WordPress it has been extracted
you can go ahead and delete it to save space on your Web server press reload and Voila!
The folder is there, we now just need to move the files into the public_html directory like
we did in the previous video.

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