4 How to get a free domain. – Webhost Course for beginners.

hello guys this is Ansab and you’re
watching nerdy ansab YouTube channel so in this video I will tell you how to
get a free domain for your hosting so as this is just a tutorial so I am going to
use a free domain so yes I’m going to save my money over here yeah so let’s
start so for this you need to go to a website called free NomCom FR e n o m
dot c o and to center so what is this free gnome so free no you can see free
and no fee them so it describes a registered a domain for free it doesn’t
give you dot-com dot C or dot zero dot a an but it gives you some other extension
which are free so first just go to this sign-in button and you can just create
your ID or for the simplicity I am just going to use the social sign-in and I am
going to hide my email from here because it is top secret
yes no stamp or password you can just don’t
say one moment please thank you okay okay I just got on my is that what a
notification on my email did you just sign in yes I chose signing
so you can see hello answer and now you can go to service and go to the register
and your domain did you know what and now you can type
your domain just type any name and it will gives you the extension so for this
course like meeting some good domain name okay web hosting see see we’re
posting course and yes you can see these are some free
domains and teal or some Batum and so if you want calm then you have to pay USD
at once idiot so I think it’s here d and you can see there are some extension WH
calls every web hosting caused or taking average resort ml g SE f GQ so for this
tutorial I am NOT going to use dot take a domain because I am going to use
infinity free hosting and that costume doesn’t support or DK domain for some
reasons so I can use either of these domains so I’m going to use WH cost or
CF yes because it looks good so just click on get it now after setting your
favorite domain okay and go to checkout button and from head don’t will do
anything in these settings DNS or forward to the domain and you cancel the
period so I’m going to use twelve months free and just click on continue now yeah you got you to you to fill your
details okay okay after film that turns just click on
computer oh let me check out all the liquid heaters hmm your address and city
so it needed us and she let me enter my address city and to those who ask for country
and then strategies on property just click on I have read and there’s our
terms and condition and complete order shakin it just freeze your point zero
zero USD then you can see that your order number is this and now you can
think had to go to your client area so this is my domains these are my
dominance so my domain is WH calls note CF and you can see that he’ll start to
my name so guys like this you can get a free domain and now you can use this
domain with your like with your web hosting company what is this
I don’t know what oh just close this so like this you can ya get a free domain
and to use it with your hosting I will tell you how to use this band we will
set up an infinitive free account because the method is generally same
just you have to change down name server so I will tell in the next video how you
can change the name servers of this moment in this Reno website so guys so
if you obviously just like come and share subscribe for any problem just
comment and you want to ask me anything or your feet you just leave your feet
that and just share this video with your friends
everyone who want to purchase a doorman I see you in next video

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