34SP.com Customer Story: Andrew Shanahan from MAN v FAT
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34SP.com Customer Story: Andrew Shanahan from MAN v FAT

Hi, my Andrew Shanahan and I started MAN v FAT, and MAN v FAT football began in 2016. We were looking for ways to engage men in weight loss and found it really difficult to get guys to be interested in just coming along to talk about weight loss but they were much more interested in coming along to play football For me, MAN V FAT football exists because I needed it to exist. In 2014 I was morbidly obese and was looking for ways to loose weight and there was nothing out there really, for men who just wanted to loose weight and to talk about loosing weight. It was all about joining the gym, all of the diet information was aimed at women. and there was nothing there, just a normal platform for men to talk about weight loss. MAN v FAT started as a free digital magazine, a website and a forum and by 2015 we had over 300,000 people a year on the website and on the forum. This year, we’re going to do over half a million people. One of the really surprises with MAN v FAT football was the media interest in what we were doing. We were on the ‘One Show’ twice and we’ve been on Channel 5’s magazine programme called ‘The Saturday Show’ I think nearly every national newspaper has covered it. You know, its grown significantly and very very quickly. One of the downsides, if you like, of having a lot of media attention is that suddenly you get these very limited windows of opportunity where you want your website to be behaving itself. 34SP.com have been brilliant with that throughout the years so a result the website stays up and we manage to convert that precious time that we have of getting sales and getting people registered on the site. We recently moved across to the 34SP.com WordPress Hosting package It’s outstandingly bespoke to WordPress and I think one of the things that I really, really like is the staging system which is where you can have your live website and a staged website behind it, to use and try things out. and if they don’t work that’s fine, you’re not doing anything that disturbs the live site and because they know what it is they are dealing with, they were able to move me across to a better service for me. You know, one of the things I always suggest to people they do is try and phone the technical support help line. People will die long, long before some hosting companies ever pick up their technical support phone lines. At that point when you are phoning, you have to remember that you’re going to be panicking like crazy. You know it’s nice to speak to nice people who dedicated to supporting you. Emphatically, that is what you get with 34SP.com. MAN v FAT footballers are achieving amazing things. All across the country we’re got guys who are loosing weight playing for teams, and think we’re just about crossed the 6 ton barrier in terms of weight loss and the average weight loss per league is round about 2 stone per man which means they’re at less risk of diabetes, heart attacks, cancers and you know, are achieving amazing things with their health. There’s nothing that fills me with more pride than than when you see who guys say “I can now play in the park with my kids and its my kids who are trying to keep up with me rather than the other way around” I think that’s exactly why I come to work.

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