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  • Northern Guard

    Hey Computer nerds a bit of advise, a second or two delay at beginning of the video may help you properly start the intro.

  • Spiderman

    The color example is a bit (nopunintended) missleading. The bits aren't just responsible for the hue of color but also saturation and brightness. So a 1 bit image can only use black, and white, no greyscale colors.

  • amir kk

    Thanks for the informative video, I am curious to know what is coming after 64Bits in future 128Bits and when probably would be launched ?

  • Sakurako Hikari

    Fuckin' idiotic Mac ditchin' 32 bit app. What are they gonna ditch next time? The whole OS. They should ditch that idiot Cook.

  • Sourav Goswami

    I think 64 bit computers uses more memory too. Doesn't it?

    If you write a C program, a long double for example would take up 2, 4, 8 bits respectively on 16, 32, 64 bit processors (well, the size depends on the compiler, and if you cross compile a software for 32 bit x86 processors on your 64 bit x86_64 processor, it will use lesser memory than the 64 bit version).

    Not only it's in long double, but in everything. If you compile and run a program (GCC or clang permits it) to show the size of void:
    #include "stdio.h"
    int main() { printf("%lu", sizeof(void *) * 8) ; }
    It will show 32 on 32 bit CPU and 64 on 64 bit CPU

    Now consider that the Linux kernel is written in C, that would should use more memory that 32 bit system on a 64 bit system. The same should apply to other OS as well.

  • Rondo Cat

    I need 128Bit Windows 10 version so I can run Opera / Chrome as 16 Billion GB RAM is not near enugh to have many tabs open… Until that happens I will simply run Windows 7 as that works just fine with Opera / Chrome and 16GByte ram 🙂

  • John Doe

    What? a 64bit processor can only process 64 bits per clock cycle? where did you get that? by that logic my laptop is capped at processing about 10gb of data per second, and that is completely inaccurate. the term 64-bit processor doesn't mean anything more than the processor being able to understand the amd64 instruction set, which carry instructions that are 64 bits in length. the larger instruction set allows instructions to reference 64bit memory addresses, which allows for the increase in ram. the Instructions Per Clock (IPC) of a given processor is what determines how many bits per second the processor is capable of reading, and since Intel says "an IPC less than 1 in unacceptable in a processor we produce" that would indicate that at least modern Intel processors are running more than 64 bits per clock cycle. my particular processor is rated at 1.6 IPC, meaning my processor is running over 100 bits per clock cycle. there are computers (and these are the highest end scaleables available) that run at as high as 4 instructions per clock cycle, meaning a whopping 256 bits per clock cycle, still on the amd64 instruction set. please don't talk about that which you don't know.

  • g3ff01

    You pretty much explained the real information behind the fuzzy terms talking about X bit hardwares. However, I miss the explanation in terms of software. What does it exactly mean if an operating system is a 32b or a 64b OS?

  • Moises Sequera

    What an awesome explanation video, I know I might won't remember this by tomorrow but is not my duty but is cool having a clue about how this devices we daily use work.

  • Speedy Danny

    it might sound stupid from me…but if 64 will reach a limit just like 32bit did…will they advance to 128bit? ( im talking about cpu here) i just wonder..

  • MrThinlySliced

    "uname -a"
    IRIX64 xxxxxx 6.5 07202013 IP30 mips Irix
    SGI's downfall story is a nice one about hubris, bad tech choices and bad strategy.

  • calibermoon

    Think of BITS as a highway. 8 BITS = 8 lanes, 16 BITS = 16 lanes, etc. So that said, a 16 lane highway can handle more cars than an 8 lane highway.

    So obviously more lanes = more traffic the road can handle. Now imagine this highway has a speed limit. An 8 lane highway at a speed limit of 75 mph, allows more cars than another 8 lane highway at 55 mph. This is why your computer speed is so important, a 32 BIT computer running at 3.7Ghz is faster than a 32 BIT computer running at 1.7Ghz.

    That said a 3.7 Ghz computer running at 64 BITS, is enormously faster than a 3.7 Ghz computer running at 32 BITS.

    This is of course is an incredibly simplified explanation…

    As Computer Clan describes, 64 BIT hardware is the fastest, however software programmers rarely use 64 BIT because of backward compatibility.

  • Hello Kitty Lover Man!

    There's an easier way to say 2010 than "two thousand ten." It's "TWENTY-ten," which is less effort in syllables, just like you would do with years from the previous centuries. Try it today!

  • Hello Kitty Lover Man!

    Why did you think "computery" would need a random hyphen just before the y? Why not just "computery" like you would add a y or an "-ish" to any other word to mean "of, like, or related to ____ " (that word)?

  • TheHypedDude

    My brain hurts that why isnt the EPYC 64 core or INTEL 64 cores dont use more bits for examples 128 bit or even 1280 bit.
    (At this time i dont even know what bit is anymore help)

  • Chester Woodward

    I am an old man! How old you might ask? Well I changed hundreds of those IBM vacuum tubes when those computers were operational. I mean the failure rate on those systems were unbelievable. We had to use very specific maintenance practices just to keep them on line. Good video will be subbing for sure.

  • Humpty Dumpty

    All these years, I kept thinking about what this 32 and 64 bit processor fuzz was all about, until now thanks to you, it makes sense. Thanks for uploading, really a great video, I am sharing this with my friends as well. Subscribed.

  • MOAT75 MC

    only costs 1.3 TRILLION QUENTILIION DOALARS!!!!!!

  • Igor Sandu

    9:17 – … Inside your computer. Inside your room. Inside your apartment. Inside your block. Inside your district. Inside your city. Inside your country. Inside your continent. Inside (not actually) your planet. Inside your star system. Inside your galaxy. Inside your cluster of galaxies. Inside your Universe. Inside your Reality. <Information is unavailable>.

  • alex kot

    I want to point out 32-bit vs 64-bit per clock cycle part is very misleading. If you have a CPU that is designed with 5 billion transistors that runs at 3GHZ. Having 64-Bit or 32-bit CPU instructions doesn't change the Bits per second. Generally a 32-bit program will run faster than a 64-bit program. This depends on your data size and how you program it. Most data is represented as Integers (32-bit) rather than long (64-bit). If your value never exceeds 4 billion and you program it as 64-bit, you are effectively wasting 32 transistors per cycle for each value. Effectively if the program is entirely like this and you don't program utilize SIMD the 32-bit program will run half the speed in a 64-bit CPU.

  • Christopher Antuna

    Wow. Thank you so much for this video. I’ve always wondered about this seeing as I have a 64 bit laptop that I got a very long time ago and I never knew the difference. I appreciate your work.

  • stampy Dragon

    64 bit does the 32bit calculation twice error checking it self you can do the same with 32bit but it costs more as you have to build 2

  • Mitch Bender

    this video has me thinking. In the next 10-20yrs or less with how tech evolves. could we be looking at possible 128bit systems?

  • Andreas Sjöberg

    Electrical binary parts actually have 3 states: 0, 1 and flowstate. 0 & 1 is clearly defined, for instance less than 0.6 or 1,2 V is usually 0, while more than 1,4 3,1, or 4,2 V is usually 1… depending on the different hardware. anything in between, might be 0 or 1 at one time, but the next time the same voltage gives the different value down the line. Flowstate is the state when the value is going from 0 to 1 or from 1 to 0 but are mid change. Poor grounding or insufficient power supply can induce flowstate errors, same with to fast timings. If you overclock a processor to far, it will not have time to change state fully before it is time to change again, and errors will start creeping in. Flowstate is something that anyone who develops or programs close to the hardware has to know about and take into consideration, because it tends to behave really wired and "quantum". If you just work using clearly defined interfaces and standards, you would not have to care about flowstate. Congratulations you now know stuff that a lot of electrical engineers are ignorant of!

  • scharkalvin

    Few current 64 bit processors actually have a physical 64 bit address bus, and can't address the max possible amount of memory possible for a 64 bit machine. The addressing registers may actually hold 64 bits, and such large address values may actually be used to support virtual memory (where the bulk of the actual data is held in disk storage rather than in physical memory). Also it's currently impossible to actually equip a computer with 2e64 bytes of memory (never mind what that would cost!).

  • TrueProGamer

    I cant focus because I don’t know if he forgot to shave his neck or if he meant to do that.

    I don’t need sleep. I need answers

  • Michael Farese

    "the 80's" refers, specifically, to the period from 1980 to 1989. It's not a reference to some more abstract era determined by anything other than dates.

  • 50k3r2

    Good job on teaching that stuff. I'm no expert by any means, but you did an excellent presentation on a complex subject, aka you put in way more information than you really needed to. Way to multiprocess there!

  • Bahana Labanane

    hum… u said 64x CPUs can only use 16gb of ram, tho with DDR4 u can go up to 32gb and that's only speaking of ppl's PCs
    edit : after searching abit i've seen u can go even higher than that

  • Muncha King

    When you explain something, your supposed to start at the begining. I.E. What is a bit? Not at the end comparing 64 to 32. This videos sux.

  • Lee H.

    Great Video…Subscribed and liked. Can I make a suggestion…take the elements you've brought up and break them down a little more. Like "What is a register?"…you mention it briefly…and that's where ALL non-Video computations exist…at least temporarily..Right? Explaining everything that happens in the Registers would be cool…:)

  • Anas Adel

    I need to know Surface Pro 7 ( 64 bit intel ) or Surface Pro X ( 32 bit Arms) . I’m I going to feel the difference . Both the same price and I need to buy one

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