• Mukesh Kureel

    Have been following you for quite some time…Thanks to all the value bombs shared by you… Appreciate all your efforts…Godbless…Learned alot from your videos…

  • Marvin Weiß

    Hey Miles, what do you think about the niche helping other people overcoming their depression? I have great expertise in that niche from my own life and I want to help others achieve the same.
    I am wondering if I should focus on men or women only, since the journey is a lot different for both genders.
    Would love to get your feedback!

  • Abdullah Salah - The Passive Affiliate

    Amazing video you just dropped +miles beckler with incredible value!! 😍

    Most people including myself just wanted to “make money quick”.

    But to having and impact takes time and that’s the #1 🗝 we have to remember in any business.

  • Rick Lewis

    Hello sir. I recently responded to an email from you. If you could look for that and reply back I would be grateful. Appreciate all your great content. Thanks Miles.

  • Tips on The Go

    I'm curious, why don't you put your digital course on a network like Clickbank, and have affiliates promote it for you? while you promote it yourself on your own website as well? would that be harmful to the product? or your brand?

  • solo king

    should i spend a large amount on a wordpress theme for better SEO ranking? some people say they will spend about $60 – $80 for one.

    If an item is 2 expensive to buy and review, is it fine to go online and look at other reviews about it and see what other people think about it?

  • kiwiswagg 100%

    its hard to imagine actually writing a blog for electronics without actually putting a link to sell something. Should I just review everything first and then once iv built an audience THEN put an amazon link first aswell as maybe do some giveaways once audience is up? Cuz I think for the mean time while I review things without selling anything people may just leave and go somewhere else to buy..

    I know for courses and other services u have mentioned it seemed alot more flexible to be able to connect with ur audience and help them on things that can benefit their life greatly, but i think with electronics people just want a quick buy and then leave as its not really a NEED like other things. Niches like sleep problems, losing weight, water filteration (I remember u mentioning that) are needs, which you can give so much value and info on, seems much easier to make people stick around. but electronics are just something plane. Its difficult to see them being a sustainable audience.

    But at the same time i don't exactly want to change niches as it is something that interests me the most and I know its something that everyone buys. I just don't see how I can build an audience I can relate and connect with and bring so much into their life since its just a mere little product like phones, headsets, ect. People i think would usually just go there and buy, then leave and probably never see them again..

    Sorry for this long post. Just wanting some advice please 🙂

    But one last little thing.. Alot of tech sites that show up first on google are massive company websites, I don't think I could compete with jb hi fi or something like that. How can one simply get around that?

  • tonester241

    This video comes at exactly the right time. I'm currently in the process of figuring this out and wondering how I'm going to fit my product offerings together.


  • Jack K

    Becks pardon my intrusion but you look razor thin. I hope your taking care of yourself and not working yourself to death. I need you around for many many years. Love ya buddy.

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