3 How to connect domain to web host server
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3 How to connect domain to web host server

hello friends my name is jaskaran and today we will understand how to connect domain to web host so first we will sign into
domain account you know customer ID and password it’s a godaddy.com once you click sign in ….ok so now you are on Main page having your
details now on this page go to domain… you see domains and there is a plus sign and just click it now you can see all the domain name you purchased now you can see the domains there is action button launch in front of your domain name ..Just click this launch button a new page open…domain details now go to nameservers… there are two nameservers and just below them there is a manage button…. now click on this manage button Now you are on nameserver setting page you have two redio buttons standard and custom click on custom now you need to replace these nameservers by the namesrvers provided by web host ….to get those nameservers from web host …go to the email sent by web host • In my case its hostgator you get complete information about
username password and of course the name servers now copy these name servers one by one and paste in the nameserver setting page you opened . just copy one at a time and paste in the nameserver setting page you
open these are the namesservers copy them paste them and that’s it but if you don’t find these nameservers in this Email then there is one more way you can go to your web host account open the
cpanel enter your password username and
password just click the Log In button once you log into the Host Gator you
will find account information information section on the sidebar and in this account information section you
will find nameservers you can just copy these nameservers and paste them in domain setting page
you opened in Go Daddy domain sitting page and just copy them and paste them it will take sometime to connect domain to your webhost
that’s it so you have two ways one is through email and another way you can find your namservers is web host page..


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