• Chun Pin Chen

    This series of video is truly amazing. There were a lot of enlightening moment while watching your video. A lot of concept used be fussy for me, now I feel I’m truly understood after watch your videos. Your are such great teacher. Thank you for million times.

  • X Ybarra

    Love this series, I've been trying to move to server side work for a long time and watching through this whole thing has been great. My only question is why this playlist is unlisted

  • Gustavo K

    thank you for the whole series , i learned a lot from you . i m thinking on gathering data from different sources, add them to a node hosted DB , then be able to serve that data to the Home automation system via the REST sensor API .

  • ndstephens

    With Heroku you can actually sync it with your Github repo and not even bother with the CLI. In your app panel on the Heroku site, go to the "Deploy" tab and look at the "Deployment Method" area. Choose "Github" and then choose your specific repo. Then a bit further down that same page you can choose either a manual deployment (click the button and it'll deploy) or Automatic Deploys where you choose which branch it should watch ("master" being the default of course) and then every time you push to that branch on Github it'll auto redeploy your site. WAAAYYYY better than the CLI method. I love using the CLI, but not in this case.

    Thank you for all the vids!!

  • fr3fou

    You should've mentioned that you can setup CI with github and heroku where you only push to origin master and rebuilds your project automatically :>

  • Wolfattackx :0

    I want to make e webapp that's gonna display my artworks/sketches so I need a somesort of admin-panel that runs on a different port so that I can upload a sketch if u can make a tutorial about that it will be really helpful and btw I just love ur videos

  • kadju

    Watched the whole series and I can say that this is probably the best course on this subject that I've ever had. Never really understood the server side of Javascript quite well, but now it seems so much easier! Splendorous teacher. It would be also amazing if someday you could continue the series using a frontend javasciprt framework, like React haha

  • Amadou Jallow

    Which cloud platform is cheaper to deploy web applications without using the free tier? Thanks in advance.

  • Chan Myae Maung

    This tutorial is really awesome and very valuable for me. If possible can you make a one tutorial which is how to make i18n nodejs and express run multilingual language on our website?

    Like kind of tutorials up above what I said and requested to you, there is no one who never trying to explain making the projects with i18n nodejs on YouTube properly.
    I never skip ads on your channel when I learning along with you.
    I appreciate you. 🙂
    I will looking for you coming the next tutorial what I requested.

  • Big Boots

    When viewing the check-ins on https://codingtrain-the-weather-here.glitch.me/checkins/ there's an error "Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property '0' of undefined at getData (logs.js:26)" The pin won't show up on my location (I accepted the location request)

  • Milchreis

    Very nice tutorial. Great Job Daniel. But one important fact is missing. Heroku dynos removes the local filesystem after lifetime. To store the database you should use a database as a service approach. For example mlab. It would be a nice theme for the next episode.

    Here from the heroku docu:
    During the dyno’s lifetime its running processes can use the filesystem as a temporary scratchpad, but no files that are written are visible to processes in any other dyno and any files written will be discarded the moment the dyno is stopped or restarted.

  • Inspiring Irisje

    Would you do a challenge: 

    "Build the app 'episode' ". It's a story app. It don't have to be a love story.
    "Make a blog site"
    "Build a free 3D world" With lots of challenges in it.
    "Build a hairsalon/supermarket/café game"
    "Build a zoo tycoon game"

  • Rajan Karmaker

    Hi Daniel,
    I am very happy with your video series. I want you to make video for deploying server side code for node. And as well as how to work with real database, google firebase, mongodb atlas and aws with serverless database service.
    I know I am asking too much. And it will take time. But it will be helpful for us like me who wants to learn programming with javascript. I learnt a lot from your channel. And As I am a entry level programmer these videos are beginner friendly.
    Thanks a lot to you.
    Looking forward to see more learning videos into your channel.

  • Matthew Burson

    I'd be interested in seeing how Google's Firebase is used to host a Node server. If that's even possible. I'm not very familiar with Firebase.

  • Mike Mestnik

    Edit: I forgot to mention that this solution, although free, limits you to static pages… No node, php, sql, ect. For javascript projects this will mostly be fine. As a test I published a video game to my site: https://www.mikemestnik.net/HexGL/

    I've been using gitlab.com for free with success, they support https with your own certificates(i used letsencrypt.org, also for free). https://skyrim.mikemestnik.net/Alchemy/

    So all I paid for was the domain name! I use namecheap because they take Bitcoin, but I would happily recommend them even if you pay with credit card. Having a domain is optional you can use <userid>.gitlab.io/<project name>/ for free.

  • FiveElementNinja

    Great tutorial! It should be mentioned though that Heroku uses an ephemeral filesystem and Heroku dynos are cycled every 24 hours. Since NeDB uses the filesystem for the database, you will lose data every 24 hours. You'd have to switch to MongoDB or something similar. I ran into this problem on my first Heroku project. Hope that helps.

  • Mike Pickard

    I haven't watched all of your videos but I have a suggestion for a new one. I struggled mightily for several months to get a Javascript to Google Sheets read and write interface working using their ver. 4 APIs. The amount of data for my app didn't benefit from a real database. In fact, loading all of the rows into a Javascript variable made searching almost instantaneous. So how about a video or two teaching others how to make this work? Loading all of the data, reading a single row, writing a single row, inserting a single row? The odd behavior I still struggle with is that the Google request is queued up until the Javascript script terminates. So my code can't read a row and wait for it to come back. Maybe you'd have suggestions for designing around this limitation.

  • morphman86

    A note on Git commits:
    Never, ever commit to a main branch! Your main branches will be Master and possibly Dev, if you have a dev server (perhaps a RasPi in your own home, to test if it works deployed) and maybe, if your customer is big enough, Staging/Test (a third server, sortof like Dev, but your customer can access it, to see changes before they go live).

    You never want to commit directly to these branches, because that makes it harder to see what changes has been made and when. It also makes it harder to roll back certain changes.
    Let's say, for example, that your server gets two new features, a brand new REST API handler and a controller to take care of routing.
    5 months down the line, you've applied numerous patches since those two features went live, and you notice the routing does not forward to the correct error page, when an error occurs. Instead of 301, you get a generic 500. You update it, push the commit, pull on the server and that's that.

    5 more months down the line, you've applied numerous patches and now you notice that the routing was working correctly from the start, but the new version has a potential security risk in it. You want to remove just the Routing update, but keep everything else. How do you do this, when you've committed to Master this whole time?

    If you instead create a separate local branch for every feature or hotfix, and keep everything to do with that feature or hotfix in that branch. When something like this happens, you merely roll back the branch Feature/Routing one step, reset Master to the commit before you updated Routing, then merge in the now rolled back Feature/Routing and all branches made after. You don't need to push the branches, if you're alone at developing the application. If you're working in a team, it's a good idea to push all branches, so anyone on the team can make these selective rollbacks.

    But if all commits are directly to Master, you will either need to go back and reference file history, rewrite RoutingController to mirror the earlier version, or branch off from the current Master, roll Master back, then Cherrypick Commit from the new branch and select everything except the Routing update, which could be hours of checking merge conflicts and could potentially involve thousands of files.

  • morphman86

    "The .env was not pushed…"
    And it shouldn't be. Git is set to ignore .env by default. It stands for ENVIRONMENT variables. It should never be transferred between environments.

    What happens when you add your .env to your GitHub? It becomes publicly available! You really don't want just anyone to be able to go in and see all your super secret setup stuff, such as database login details, API keys, comm server addresses, shuffled port addresses and things like that.

    So that's why .env wasn't moved, but .env_sample was. env_sample has no information beyond the name of the keys. Quite useless for hackers and intruders, without the values, but invaluable for developers as they are setting up a new environment.

  • morphman86

    Just a side note, almost unrelated:
    I absolutely LOVE JSON. It's my favourite data object to work with, after the PHP specific Object.
    It's super versatile, easy to read and quick to create. I quite frankly don't understand why anyone still use things like XML. I understand why sitemaps and RSS feeds use it, but why do actual human developers in 2019 still use XML, when JSON is available?
    Because it is a text string, JSON can be used in any programming language. Despite the name, it is not specific to JavaScript (sortof how JavaScript is unrelated to JAVA… and Date().getYear is unrelated to the current year in JavaScript).

  • sharad sharma

    I had seen all the videos in this series…
    can u make a video on making an api with express, mongoDB using mongoose??

  • Three Two One Scratch On

    I could not watch it all, I watched it here and there. I hope to spend more time where I could try to understand.

  • Banjer

    Great !!!Thank you I din't know about Glitch, is ti very similar to the old C9? Or are there some differences? One last thing..you mentioned Raspberry pi!! Would it be possible to have some tutorials for the Raspberry PI or do you know some good channels where I can follow video lessons like yours, where people explain what happen and not only coding along? Thank you very much!!:)

  • aamir khan

    Hello sir I am your huge fan, I Iike your style of teaching with funny effects 😁😁.
    I would like to ask a question, I hope you will definitely give me answer to my question.
    My question is how to work with multiple api and get data from them and filter this data when applying filteration from frontend view . For example we get the data from multiple hotels api and filter this data from website page. Applying price , searching location and many according to user need.

  • Jacob Jones

    I adore you as a person and educator. I am currently applying to fullstack jobs, I can say that if I land one you would be a large contributor to that success. Thank you so much and please keep up the amazing work. Also if you are open to any suggestions, I would love a course on data structures and to see your take on some code challenges(codewars for example).

  • Akbar A

    I have a question about the video if you don't mind: How are you zooming in and out while going live with wirecast without zooming in your camera feed? Fist I thought it was post production effect but you are using mac itself to zoom in zoom out which is usually can't be captured by the tool. Your answer would be much appreciated.

  • valix85

    how I can deply and save image ? I just have a folder with many covers and on DB in mySQL , now I need to deploy it and save future clips, but where I must store images data?

  • Shayan Memarzadeh

    Hey, once again great vid! Quick question though, where did you get your whiteboard and what are the dimensions of it – I've been looking for a huge whiteboard i could get for my house!

  • blindshellvideos

    Is there anyone willing to help me get into programming (discord preferably) and just have a talk about like how do I start, what should I start with or is there a beginners thing to read?

  • Daniel Astillero

    Daniel, you're saving the world one coding video at a time. We don't deserve you. But thank you for existing. Love from the Philippines.

  • Ryan

    Ok, I just finished deploying my app to my web server running on a Raspberry Pi in my wireless network in the middle of the woods. What's next?

  • Yas var

    Dont have to remind you how beautiful your videos are. I have been telling my highschool students who are learning Java and processing to keep an eye on your videos and they're already making awesome stuff like pong and space invaders. Keep motivating people dude!

  • Jonathan Jiménez Sandoval

    Thanks!!! It was an awesome!!! I saw all the modules and learn a lot, I will see more playlist from your page, keep the good work 🙂

  • ReimarPB

    I like to use 000webhost to deploy websites. It's free and supports PHP. It has a web editor too but it also supports FTP so you can use your own. (there will be a watermark on your sites but it is easily removed using javascript)

  • romi_devX

    Wow ..i really learn a lot…thank you very much for sharing all that knowledge….and i would like to ask you …do you have a tutotial on autentication like jwt or otka…or any other technology ? or you have plans to do it ? And again thank you for this great tutorial…im from Brazil..and a great fan of your work…

  • Bernd Bausch

    Thanks to Coding Train, I learned (and am learning) a lot, but now I hear Muzak in my head whenever I install something with npm 🙁

  • Matt OToole

    Daniel, that was an excellent series. Woke up at 3am this morning (damn coffee! ☕️😀) and binge watched all 3 sections. Great job! 👍🏻

  • Amran Tomer

    I'v just finished watching (and coding) throw the whole series.
    I think I'v learned allot.
    Just a quick question: Where can I learn more deeply about how internet works? I mean, the whole HTTP, GET and POST isn't really clear to me. I feel like the fetch() API makes things too easy..

    Keep up the great content.

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