3.5 HTML5 and CSS3: Registering and Uploading to 000Webhost.com
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3.5 HTML5 and CSS3: Registering and Uploading to 000Webhost.com

In this video, we will register for a free
webhost and upload our files to the internet. First, open up your web browser, we will use FireFox
for this, but any web browser will work In the Address Bar, type www.000webhost.com, and press the Enter key. Once the site has loaded, click on the Sign Up
button on the right side of the page. In the highlighted box, type your own unique website name,
don’t copy the name you see on screen. Type your name in the next box. Next, enter in a valid email address, this website will not send spam. Enter a password into the next box. Retype the password in the next box. At the bottom of the page, type the
two words you see in the image. Check the box to agree to the Terms of Service. Then, click on Create My Account. Next, you must confirm your account by going to your email
and clicking the activation link that was sent to you. If you didn’t get an email, click on
resend email and check your jungle folder. Once your account is confirmed, the Resend Email link turns into Go to CPanel. Click on this new link. Scroll down the page and click on the File Manager icon. Click on the public html folder. Next, click the check box next to default.php and click the Delete button. Click the green check button to confirm. We deleted the default.php file because we’re going to use our own default page. Click the blue back arrow to return to the File Manager. To upload our files, click the Upload button. Click the Browse button to select the file we want to upload. In the File Upload box, make sure you are
in the data files folder and select Index.html and then click Open. Click the Browse button again, and select a different HTML file. Do this two more times for the remaining files except template.html. Once the three files has been selected, click the green check button. Next, we need to create a directory for our images. Click the New Directory button. Type images into the first box. Then, click the green check button. Click the blue back arrow to return to the File Manager. Click on the images folder we just created to enter it. Next, click the Upload buttton. To select our image, click the Browse button. Double click on the images folder. Click on the first image and select Open. Repeat these steps to add every image in the image folder. Once all of the images has been added, click
on the green check button to upload. Once uploaded, click on the blue back arrow to return to the File Manager. To see the result, copy and paste or type the URL on
the top right of the screen into the Address Bar. Your website is now on the Internet and accessible from anywhere.


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