2018 Hosting Update from the President
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2018 Hosting Update from the President

Hello everyone, Just last week, our community greeted more
than 1,500 international exchange students. Their arrival marks our 71st year as facilitators
of cultural exchanges. For these students and their host families,
that first spark of joy, nerves, and excitement will remain with them for decades to come, as it has for me, even so many years after my own exchange. It is thanks to your extraordinary efforts
that we celebrate the placement of over 2,000 students every single year. And no matter the challenges we face, we always
smile and roll up our sleeves. Now, while most of our 2018 hosted students
are here, there is still more work to be done. As of today, we have 256 students who do not
have a host family placement secure. And so, I am asking you to welcome a host
student into your home. And even if your family is not able to host, you
can still help find that one family among your friends, relatives and anyone you may
know who might appreciate the opportunity. More than 1,000 towns and cities make AFS
students feel welcome every year, so I have no doubt that all of us—as one community—will
be able to locate families for these remaining 256 students In closing, I want to thank you for every
step you take to make the AFS Mission thrive and continue to grow, in your backyard, your
local school, and beyond and for all you do to contribute to helping make a more just and peaceful world. So, thank you very much.

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