Are you guys trying to figure out a way to make extra money with the place that you live at and you’re a homeowner or you want to pay the mortgage or Different options of even if you rent a place and how you can do it today. We’re gonna be talking about how I made over $1,300 off of a single bedroom at one of my homes through Airbnb and I’m gonna tell you how it is Oh so real it is also possible in the ways you can do it Welcome back to the channel if you guys haven’t already don’t forget to hit the subscribe button Smash that like button for me right now please it actually does help the Algorithm and it does help boost our video to give more views and reach more people so we can provide you guys this Valuable information because I’m telling you right now this stuff is worth About $1,300 a month or more maybe less. I don’t know you tell me you can find out by the end of video Just let me know because I think it works. So let’s get into it Let’s start from step by step And first thing I want to let you guys know you can sign up down below I have a link down below for you guys. It’s a little bonus So once you get your things started you get a little money kickback as well So that’ll help you out and it’ll help you get started on the process What I did was I have a home and has four bedrooms the other house has Four bedrooms as well. So the house that I live in I like to house hack we can talk about that later But basically with house hacking what you do is you live in the home and you rinse the home out as well so let’s start off with the first part of Getting the Airbnb getting started making myself a believer being confident in doing it buying the right things Doing those type of things I want us to do Airbnb as soon as I bought the home and I actually signed up for Airbnb Back when I purchased the home the same month. I purchased the home I signed up for Airbnb and then through that I found that you need to get a Permit through the city and you have to follow those laws You have to check within your city or state whatever it may be and see what those laws are and ours is 270 days living at the residence and you have to have a bedroom Obviously you have to live at the residence and then you can read up to two rooms Through this permit this permits a little bit cheaper. It’s around 180 bucks or so to get it done from there they’ll come out inspect your property and basically check to see if there’s any Smoke detectors fire detectors you name it? Inside of the room and you have to have one in the room and in the hallway once you have that complete you’re essentially ready To go. They don’t care about how it looks or, you know, all those other things They literally just want to know is there a detector there? It’s gonna be safe for that aspect of the house if that’s all good and ready to go you Really have nothing else to worry about from there I was approved and I didn’t do it hear me and meet that whole time because I didn’t Muster up the confidence and I didn’t want to worry about liabilities with you know, my other tenants that stay here at the house as well and especially if there’s like a lady or something at the house that you know is renting I want to make sure that there’s no Liabilities and I want to make sure that everything is okay. It’s safe so because I don’t want something bad to happen with the Airbnb and one of my tenants or Especially our Airbnb and a female like I just don’t want any bad situations like that so I kind of went through all the precautionary measures and dot’s processes and it kind of took me about six months just to like Get my mind together to like muster up the energy Just hey, you know, I’m a buckle down. I’m gonna do this Airbnb up and try it out what can hurt from there So I said I’ll do a 30-day trial. I’ll see what happens from here and it went really really well. I’m not going back I want to be the type of person that says Hey Airbnb, changed my life and made things better for me. I open my eyes to more things because yes, I do have ten Yes, I do have different properties But I want to find different avenues and income and if I was normally is charging $600 for the room and now I’m able to make $1,300 for a single bedroom and I have four bedrooms in the home. I’ll sleep in the garage. I’ll turn this whole garage This is where I’m filming at right now filming in the garage I’ll turn this garage into partial studio partial bedroom to sacrifice to make more money to pay down my Principal to move faster to grow to be able to build more properties to be able to do more things I’m down for those sacrifices So what I’m telling you guys right now is be down for the sacrifices be down for these things And then from there you’ll be able to know. Hey, I can actually do this So what I did was I kind of just scrimmaged up whatever I had all got an extra table I got an extra bed set. I got this TV stand all I got this this TV for free all I got that I got this desk for free. I found some stuff off opera I found a lot of stuff offer offer up and through friends that were getting rid of stuff and that helped me form my Airbnb bedroom without spending a lot of money then I went in and purchased stuff like white towels white sheets in the proper blankets and uh you know snacks and different things like that and and then I started to fold the towels and and make animals on there because the Five-star reviews is a very important part of Airbnb. We went live on the first and I was like hand Nobody’s booking. Nobody’s booked in two hours three hours go by it. All right, man I don’t think this is gonna work literally get a booking somebody’s like hey I want to come and stay morrow first booking comes in my white. So I’m like cool. We got a first book in less kitty Right the dude doesn’t even show up, but guess what I still got paid So my very first night the dude didn’t even show up and I still got paid the full amount so for me I won then right after that two days later when his day was up the next day came and somebody was booking throughout that time Just stayed for two weeks. He stayed for two weeks. He liked it so much because he was looking to live in Portland He decided to stay another week at the Airbnb So now we’re three weeks into the Airbnb and I already have the month. Is there like damn near booked up right and He found a place in the third week after the first day of staying has a third week So he moved to his home and that whole week that I got was free Essentially free cuz I didn’t have to do nothing for the guy he wasn’t here I don’t have to accommodate anything because he had already moved out to his new place Perfect situation for me. So then after that I’m like, okay I need to get a booking this week while I have my free week and try to get this last week as a month filled out and then I got a couple more bookings with a couple couples and I Was like yo I’m moving out on my master bedroom, and I’m about to Airbnb the master bedroom as well If I’m cooking all this, I was already had a thousand dollars simply in three weeks off of my small bedroom And I’m like the master bedroom is gonna make more money. So let’s try to do both bedrooms at the same time So I got special locks with key codes keyless entry I send them all their information And their keyless entry lock codes and our Reese which knows every time so my checks in and checks out So there’s a lock on the back door. Everybody enters through the back door And then you have a special lock for your door as well with your code So that way you know Everything is secure in your spot is locked up in everybody’s rooms is like that and those locks are about 120 bucks. So Initially, I did spend some money Yes But I already have made my initial investment money Into what I’ve done from before day one, so I know I’m talking a lot. There’s definitely a lot to cover in this video I want to kind of make it short for you guys, but just show you you know, it is possible so then the last week I ended up booking I Was able to get everything together into the master bedroom for the last couple of days as a month I did the small bedroom as well. And I literally just had tenants move out today is the 1st of July now and We already have bookings for more than I have Fourteen hundred and fifty dollars or something like that of bookings already for July and I still have a lot of days to fill out So now I have two bedrooms. I’m expecting to make anywhere from 2,500 to 3,000 dollars simply from those two bedrooms So as you can see it is possible. You can do this start with one single bedroom. Just give it a shot Give it a go and it’s you know, you have the opportunity to do it take advantage of it go sign up go do it go try it and then make your decision from there do a 30 day trial 60-day 90-day a Year, you name it and do the numbers crunch the numbers see if it’s affordable. Can you sustain it? Can you maintain? You know being a host and taking care of people and cleaning up after them and I charge a cleaning fee as well And if you can do those things if you can make those sacrifices, I guarantee it will change your income It will change your life and it will help you move to that next property Because now I will be working to buy my third property by the end of this year or next year I’m speaking it into existence now because I’m telling you guys the third property is coming soon I need three properties before I turn 30. I’m 27 right now so y’all do the math I have time but I’m in a rush because I really want 10 before 30 and I Won’t make it happen. You you don’t believe me. Just watch Alright y’all so I hope this video was helpful If you have any other questions comments or concerns, please drop a comment down below Don’t forget you can sign up down below as well I have a link for you and we kick you back a bonus of money once you do your booking So go ahead and sign up through that link. It will definitely help you out. Just get some extra cash and Like I said, if you guys got any questions, let me know. I’m glad to make some other videos. I have some more topics I would like to talk about simply on you know, how to Do your room right how to host correctly how to save the money correctly how to do to manage the money Just how to manage the property you name it. I have specific videos set up for you guys. So stay tuned for those Thank you guys for watching. Oh my gosh. It’s been a great month I’m very excited to show you guys the growth and how these things work because I’m actually a believer now, so I’ll teach you guys how to get good reviews as well Hopefully my review stay up. But right now we didn’t need to get the subscribers up. So hit that subscribe button. Imma See you later. I’m sorry. I’m talking so much I’m just very excited for you guys because I know you can do this, too And if you don’t believe in me, please believe in yourself because I’m telling you If you got an extra room or you got an opportunity to make some extra money Go make that money go make it happen find a way to do it you can do it literally through renting like you can rent a place and find the owner or the Landlord or whatever and you can sublet through them through Airbnb if they sign off and we can talk about that as well There’s opportunities to make money guys There is opportunities and just because you see other people doing it and now I’m gonna believe it I hope you guys believed in me. You can do it too That’s why I wanna keep it a reiterating you can do this, too. So I’ll see you guys in the next episode Deuces gone. Peace

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