12 Dumbest Internet Domain Names Ever
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12 Dumbest Internet Domain Names Ever

From stalking teachers to masturbating ferrets,
we count 12 unintentionally hilarious and inappropriate domain names. 12. Penisland.net It’s not unusual for anything to be customized,
whether it be someone’s name sewn on a jacket or a business’s name on a coffee mug. Pens can also be added to that list. There’s
even a website that prides itself as being the only place to buy customized pens. All
prospective customers need to do is go to penisland.net. No, no, it’s not what you
think… the name is supposed to read “pen island”. The least they could’ve done
was put an underscore or a dash between ‘pen’ and ‘island’. The description on the main page says not
to be fooled by imposters, one of them having the name “pen-island.net”. Though it might
be an imposter – according to this particular site, anyway – at least the creators seemed
to be aware of it. 11. Dollarsexchange.com Though it may be boring to some, currency
trading can be very lucrative, whether you’re doing it as a hobby, or decided to make a
career out of it. Either way, the internet has some helpful
places to do such trading. One of them is dollarsexchange.com, which is where you can
trade American currency. However, from the looks of the domain name, it implies that
you can also change the gender of the money. In all actuality, it’s not supposed to read
“dollar sex change”, as you’ve probably guessed already. It’s really supposed to
read the name of the now-defunct site, which is “Dollars Exchange”. Another case where an underscore or a dash
would’ve solved this problem. 10. Teacherstalk.com Admit it, you had a crush on the teacher at
one time or another. But did your puppy love turn into obsession? If so, then visit teacherstalk.com! All kidding
aside, it’s unclear what this website was for, though it appears that the domain name
was supposed to be “teachers talk”. Maybe it was a place for teachers to gather and
talk about this and that? Furthermore, the owners of the domain name appear to be selling
it, so either they were crazed stalkers who were no longer obsessed with their teachers,
or the teachers who used the site no longer had time to participate. And we’re not going to say that there should’ve
been “certain punctuation marks” between ‘teachers’ and ‘talk’. 9. Speedofart.com England-based production designer Nigel Talamo
has quite an extensive resume that includes many commercials. He’s even won awards for
some of those commercials. If you’re interested, you can check out
his personal website of speedofart.com. Don’t worry, we promise that’s what this website
is about. It has absolutely nothing to do with passing gas in tight swimming trunks.
Could you imagine a site dedicated to something like that? But to digress, it probably would’ve been
better to just have Nigel’s name as the domain name, instead of “speed of art”. 8. Itscrap.com A business that recycles computers and IT
hardware sounds respectable, doesn’t it? The business, however, says that it’s crap.
Wait, what? No, no, it’s not a joke. Their domain name is itscrap.com… which is supposed
to actually be “IT Scrap”. In all fairness, “it’s crap” wouldn’t be an altogether
terrible name. People recycle crap they no longer want anymore, so why not? Maybe they’re
worried about how unprofessional that name would be for a business. Fair enough. But if you got a new computer
from them, for example, would you tell the person, “I got my new computer from a site
called ‘it’s crap’”? Probably not. 7. Nobjs.com Websites where you can meet and gather with
others who are just like you aren’t uncommon. They can be helpful to a shy person who might
have trouble making friends, or just somebody who wants to have more friends. That’s where North of Boston Jewish Singles
comes in, which even specifies that they’re not a dating service despite the misleading
name. They also probably could’ve chosen a much better domain name than nobjs.com.
Maybe it was another way for them to make it clear that their site isn’t for dating. Either that, or that act just isn’t very
common within that group. 6. Gotahoe.com The large lake and the snow-covered mountains
of Lake Tahoe make it a beautiful place to visit. For those of you who haven’t been to Lake
Tahoe, or would like to plan a trip, just go to gotahoe.com. Yes, the domain name appears
to say “got a hoe”, though all it’s saying is to “go Tahoe”. It probably could
be fixed by adding a ‘to’ between the ‘go’ and ‘Tahoe’. Or, even better,
they could just put ‘lake’ in there, but it wouldn’t sound right. The tourism site did happen to get a new domain
name… “gotahoenorth.com”. Yeah, that fixed the problem… 5. Lesbocages.com A bocage is French word that describes an
area that is a mix of trees and pastures. Nothing unusual about that. With that being said, having the business
name “Les Bocages” is a bit of a mistake. Yes, it’s in proper French, but when those
words are slapped together for a domain name, lesbocages.com, it looks like “lesbo cages”.
Obviously nothing to do with Dave Robins being an arborist, according to the main page of
the website. The website is in French, so we can let the
creators of this domain name off the hook since English probably isn’t their first
language. 4. Amigonefuneralhome.com Funerals are a way for the families and friends
of the deceased to bid a final farewell. It’s usually a sad time for all. Perhaps the creators of this domain name wanted
to help cheer them up a little. The domain name, amigonefuneralhome.com, seems to have
a very interesting message for people who are looking into using their services. Maybe
it’s hard for some people to tell whether or not they’re really dead. Or maybe it’s
true… the funeral home is just looking to cheer up mourners. But seriously… Amigone is really the name
of the New York-based funeral home, so it kind of makes you wonder about this one. 3. Childrenslaughter.com Charities are great, especially those that
benefit children. Whether it’s from abuse or poverty, charities are there. This particular charity, “Children’s Laughter”,
seems innocent enough. However, if you take a look at the domain name, childrenslaughter.com,
doesn’t seem so innocent. It almost sounds like one of those disturbing websites you
would see on the deep web. Really, nobody wants to see a child being slaughtered like
an animal. As of now, in case you’re interested, the
domain name is for sale. 2. Ferrethandjobs.com There may be many jokes and stereotypes surrounding
lawyers, such as how they’re liars and are the scum of the earth. Well, that is, until we need one to get us
out of trouble. That’s where Michael Ferreth and William Jobs come in. Unfortunately, their
website has the inappropriate – and very strange – name of ferrethandjobs.com. While
it’s only the surnames of the two lawyers, it still makes us chuckle at the idea of a
ferret jerking off, especially when dealing with the fact that prospective clients may
stumble across the website while searching for legal representation. According to their website, though, it looks
as though co-founder Jobs left the practice. The new, upcoming domain name – as of now
– will be ferrethjobs.com. Much better. 1. Ladrape.com Rape is obviously no laughing matter, being
one of the most heinous crimes out there. Then we have this domain name, which is ladrape.com.
Of course, this reads as “lad rape” instead of the intended “La Drape”, which is the
name of the England-based business. The business itself offers hotels, cruise ships, and interior
designers – to name a few – manufactured bedspreads and covers. Strange how a business that specializes in
bedspread manufacturing has a domain name that reads as “lad rape”… And now for todays question. “What’s the
weirdest dream you’ve ever had?” Let us know in the reddit page linked below and you
might be featured in a future countdown!


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