• VVV 777

    Cloudways vs 10Web? (taking in consideration I have many plugins, tools like backup and image optimization). Why would I leave cloudways? I know you love it so wonder what makes you stay with cloudways

  • VVV 777

    can you explain, how come when i look at cloudways google cloud pricing, 3.75 gb ram plan is $73.62 a month and here we get 4gb ram per site for $69 a year? i am not techy but would love to know if cloudway is overpriced or something shady with 10web. thanks

  • Nelmedia

    Big concern here: Elementor don't seem prompt to allow vendors to sell their theme with Elementor embeded… even worst when they rebrand it and try to hide the fact that they're using it… And that raises a big problem: what if Elementor finds out and constraint them to remove Elementor… they'll have a big problem with their builder (and therefore the theme)…

  • Subcleff

    Very well made review as always. Keep up the good work 🙂

    I was wondering; if we only focus on the functionality of the page builder (number and type of elements), would you consider Elementor Pro, Essential Addons or 10Web the strongest?

    I haven't really begun using WordPress yet, but for most sites it takes waaaay too long to code in hand, so I want to unless the site needs some very unusual or advanced functionality that can't be done with plug ins.

    I was going to get the Essential Addons deal before it runs out again, but would you personally consider it a waste of money to get both 10Web (that deal looks really good!) AND Essential Addons?
    If things don't go so well for 10Web (I think it will, but who knows?), it might be good to have Essential Addons also as a precaution?

  • Nelmedia

    Sorry, been working at the same time, so don't know if you mention it in your video… If we already have our hosting, is it still a good option? What about their builder? I guess we need to create the site with their service and move it away after (Duplicator or else)… If it's the case, will their builder still work?
    I use MainWP and WP Blazer to manage my web sites: can that replace it, or it only manage one site at a time and only on their hosting?

  • Majority Media

    Thank you for the review this was really helpful. I was on the fence but highlighting looking at it as a way to manage WP sites makes it a much better deal. White label supposedly coming in a few months and it's a really good deal.

  • Gregg wyatt

    Thanks for sharing. Really good information. I'm definitely interested in this platform but it got me thinking. Most hosting offer unlimited email. Have you looked into whether 10WEB offer this? If they don't and you were using their services then what would I do for email? I already have through hostinger but I only need one website and was considering switching.

  • Leland Brandt

    It does seem like a nice tool for managing multiple WordPress websites. How do you think it compares to Manage WP (which I’m currently using for multiple sites and trying to decide if it’s worth switching over) or other services (I haven’t look to see what else is available)?

    My impression is that some of that top line reporting you mentioned, like how many plug-ins on all the websites need to be updated, is already available in manage WP.

  • Miranda Rumi

    Hi Dave, another great clear, comprehensive, balanced review! THANKS! I’m wondering though, is it worthwhile to get this if I don’t have any WP website yet? For years I’ve shy-ed away from WP, and using the Grid (flopped), Simvoly, Bookmark, Storychief, for simplicity of set up and us, and wondered if using WP is still the best way to go about it in the long run. Can I start my first WP website by getting 10web? Appreciate your inputs… thanks agani…

  • Tawanna Browne Smith

    Thanks for the thorough review. I'm on the fence with 10web only because I use the ThriveThemes' suite of products. I used to have a membership but canceled it. I am still using their theme as well as their plugins. However, I like 10web's web management features and do need to switch from my current host. And I do want to give my 2 sites a facelift which I probably won't use with Thrive Themes although I still am a fan of their plugins. My question is if I use Thrives' plugins (6 currently), as well as some of 10web's plugins, will that make my sites too clunky?

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