10Web Review on AppSumo
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10Web Review on AppSumo

Web developers, can you imagine no longer
spending days or weeks building your WordPress website? What about a single dashboard that stores
everything needed to host, build, and maintain your website? Surprise, Sumo-lings, this is so NOT too good
to be true. If you’re itching to save time and money
on your WordPress site, then you better stay tuned for today’s product showcase. Whattup, fam? It’s your girl Chrystie from AppSumo, and
today we’re going to talk about 10Web, the only all-in-one website building platform
that bridges the ease of a website builder with the deep customization that WordPress
is known for. Let’s dive into how it works. Once you’ve installed your website and selected
one out of dozens of templates, head on over to the Page Builder to begin crafting your
stunning site. Rest assured, website newbs: What you lack
in coding skills, you can still make up for in beautiful design. 10Web’s website builder is built on top
of ever-popular Elementor. With 10Web, you’ll get 30 additional PREMIUM
widgets that allow you to do just about anything – from updating your logo and tagline, to
posting content and comments. Choose from over 50 premium 10Web and
WordPress plugins that are guaranteed to make your website #goals. Next up, 10Web offers performance, backup,
and security services to take your site to the next level. With 10Web’s Image Optimization, it’s
waaaayyy easy to speed up your site. 10Web lets you choose an optimization setting
or click a button to auto-optimize all your images as you upload them. The speed test generates a performance grade
for your site and offers recommendations to get your pages loading even faster. Backing up your website is simple. You can also schedule regular backups, select
if you’d rather backup files, database, or both, and restore past versions of your
site. 10Web automatically runs a security scan of
your site and generates a list of issues in seconds. With the settings tab just one click away,
adjustments are made easily and quickly. Imagine what you can do with all of that extra
time! WordPress peeps, this deal is a no-brainer. If you’re ready to build stunning websites
in hours and spend your saved time focused on growing your business, then you’re definitely
going to want to check out 10Web.

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