100 % White Label – Customize Your Domain Name
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100 % White Label – Customize Your Domain Name

Hello everybody! Today I am going to introduce to you
our brand new feature the 100% white label which will allow you to create your
own store using your own domain name with your logo and description and even the payment page. Teezily won’t be mentioned anywhere. Let’s start. Click on the new section “Domains” on the bottom left hand side. And click on “save a new domain”. You can now choose the name of your
domain. This one is available as you can see from this notification. In order to buy it, you will have to
pay a 50 $ annual fee. These are the normal fees to buy a domain and an SSL certificate. You then click on “Proceed to payment”. You choose your payment method. And you fill in your bank details. Click on “Continue”. Once the payment has been confirmed,
you will be redirected to this page. You will add the name of your store, a description. If you wish, you can add a Facebook
pixel. The default pixel is the one which is in your dashboard’s settings. You can also add a banner, a logo and
a shortcut icon. For the icon, the recommended dimensions are here. And, of course, you will have to pick
the campaigns that you want to show in your store. You can select them all, or choose them
one by one. Click on “Update”. And here’s the preview of your store. You can now see the different styles,
colors and designs. Indeed, your clients will be able to
look for products on your store. Everything will be on your domain name. You can therefore click on a single
campaign page and then to the payment page. As you can clearly see, the page corresponds
to your domain name, there is NO mention of Teezily. Clients are purchasing on your page,
and they can also track their order on your website by clicking on the top right. We also added the feature “collection”
which will enable you to create collections on your store. You click on “collections” and then
on “new collections” here. You will add a personalised title, for
example “Dog Lovers Shirts”. And you can also add your description. By clicking here, you can add your campaigns. You can make a research by slug. You check the campaign if you want to
add it to the collection. And you can select other campaigns. We will check the result on the store. Here we are. Of course we can add multiple collections. Click on “new collection”. For example, “cat lovers shirts”. You can add the related campaigns. So now we have two different collections
on the store. Thank you very much for your attention,
until next time!


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