100-day countdown starts for Busan hosting of S. Korea-ASEAN special summit on Nov. 25-26
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100-day countdown starts for Busan hosting of S. Korea-ASEAN special summit on Nov. 25-26

there are now just under 100 days
remaining until the city of Busan here in South Korea hosts a gathering of 10
Southeast Asian nations for what will be the country’s third special summit with
ASEAN members to be held here in South Korea the meeting the largest
international event to be hosted in the country under the moon administration
thus far is scheduled for late November our Shin Semin starts us off the 100-day
countdown is on for the special summit with ASEAN member nations the Korea
Association of Southeast Asian Nations special summit is set for two days from
November 25th and the inaugural Korea Mekong summit – taking place a day later
on November 27th the summit is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the
establishment of official dialogue between South Korea and ASEAN will be
the third of its kind to be held in South Korea after the first in 2009 and
second in 2014 president moon jae-in has placed great
attention on advancing relations with asean as a way of expanding south
korea’s diplomacy which has long been primarily focused on the four major
powers the US China Russia and Japan topping the agenda establishing a joint
will to pursue the free trade order against the backdrop of growing trade
tensions including the intensifying clash between Seoul and Tokyo South
Korea and ASEAN nations will seek ways to expand trade strengthen free trade
order and to explore ways for shared prosperity through mutual cooperation
especially at a time of heightened trade tensions between major economies the
meeting will also focus on expanding cooperation with ASEAN nations in
regards to the Korean peace process as well as its supports for the so called
peace economy a term coined by the moon administration to signify that peace can
be promoted through inter-korean economic projects and South Korea’s
presidential office has suggested North Korea’s leader Kim jong-un
might be invited to Pusan for the ASEAN meeting as a special guest
if talks with the u.s. get back on track after a prolonged law on diplomacy as
for South Korea’s top office sending that highly anticipated invitation north
of the border to attend a special summit with ASEAN the presidential office said
that all depends on the nuclear negotiations and the progress made
between Pyongyang and Washington Shin Semin Arirang news

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