10 VPN Korea Gratis – Untuk Main Game Server Korea
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10 VPN Korea Gratis – Untuk Main Game Server Korea

OK Welcome to Hioz Gaming Channel and this time 10 Korean VPNs can be used to play games from Korea especially for durango I have tried all of these vpn and it’s free ok just right in number 10 solo vpn many use this VPN and sometimes delay because it’s easy to use so this VPN is used by many people to play Korean game servers it looks like this You can change regional to Korean locations then choose the location you want for example Korea then connect ok that’s all, and so on number 9 is korea vpn there are two kinds like this here the server address is displayed if you want to replace it just click click refresh like this to connect it just click the play logo it looks simple if you want to decide click the stop logo if the other one is just like this only for plugins for open vpn for android applications this application does not work alone but only a plugin You have to install open VPN for Android first push the refresh button to change the server then export the server to the oen vpn for android application number 8 is EZ vpn gate here a list of available servers is displayed and we can also refresh the list to a new list select the server and connect it next number 7 is X Vpn the logo is like scissors like this here you can also change the location of the server select a server that is free then select the server you want number 6 is Spider Ovpn we just open it many column columns here are the location of the server then select the Korean server that you want select a small ping to make it more smooth sorry this ad is there if you want to connect please wait for the ad number 5 is snail vpn like a blue snail ok we open it at the very top is the location happens to be the location of the United States but here there is a quota and there are still 126 mb of data left You can change the location like this then connect ok number 4 is speedify vpn I often use to play durango first activate this button and select the location you want number 3 is ultra vpn I also often use this to play durango wait for the server to refresh first then select country choose south korea then select a server that has a small ping to play games smoothly like this and here are additional settings that make it easier for users this can prioritize the country you want this makes it easier if you disconnect from the application server, it will automatically reconnect go on number 2 is Firevpn unfortunately this doesn’t support os remixes, but this can be run on an Android cellphone then select the server location that you want then connect ok number 1 is vyprvpn the logo is like a snake tornado but this VPN has its drawbacks This VPN is limited to 1GB quota, but I think it’s enough if it’s just for playing games This VPN is stable, there is rarely delay or lag when playing games this is my favorite to make it easier to find it and it becomes easier ok just connect it immediately ok hope this video helps don’t forget likes and subscribers thanks for watching and see you next time


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