• Black Ops Gh0st64

    I still listen to the radio. Another thing that should have been mention though is how it affects how people are paid. Most companies these days use direct deposit. I personally would rather have an actual paycheck as an option than be required to have a bank account because not everybody has one.

  • Ace Pumpkin

    Stupid Troll, don’t you know about Wikipedia being captured by a small group of transatlantic NATO warriors, manipulating every personˋs entry not sharing their fascistic view on the world? You just don’t ?

  • Shareef Naeem

    At 4:24, the thing that replaced physical Encyclopedias and that was replaced by the Internet was Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia which was a computer app which had information that could easily be searched. Man, those were the days, I miss playing the interactive games on it and I also miss watching a small amount of videos on it.

  • Martin Turner

    I don't miss video stores AT ALL! You failed to mention that they have few enough copies of a new much-in-demand movie such that you had to come back many times or weeks later to FINALLY get a copy of the movie you wanted! I DON'T HAVE TO DO THAT with streaming movies (ok, so Apple does take weeks to put popular movies for rent (as opposed to sale)). Most of the things you mentioned are not missed by me AT ALL! The past is just that; the past. Get over it; adapt or die! Ok, I do miss REAL journalism.

  • Justin Hill

    At least Family Video wasn't affected by the internet. They're still doing great business despite the fact that the majority of people stream their content online.


  • Camila Suarez

    I do remember many of points you explained today, specially when you live in a third world country like Argentina in which many “tech progress” or advances just like Amazon are not available yet. I remember as a kid playing on a long trip with a map searching for small towns or in big cities streets names or the nearest gas station. And one more anecdote is when I went for the last time to a Blockbuster which was a few blocks away from my house. Fourth Industrial Revolution is amazing and all but sometimes simple life is needed. Specially when you become an adict of being online 24/7, checking others status on twitter or instagram stories. I love how technology improved our life but… simple things like a book, physical newspaper or even tuning a radio are needed.

  • Manic Mania

    There’s still a video rental store in my town called family video as a 15-year-old in 2019 I’ve actually experienced the joy of renting a game or movie

  • prismstudios001

    I was born in 1971…. in YouTube years, I’m dead ☠️……. I remember all of this “old “ stuff. I do feel like the internet has killed spelling and grammar, which is ironic because we have predictive spelling, and spell check, which does not appear to be helping. Otherwise, I love tech, it’s very helpful for reaching more people more quickly and easily.

  • Susan Pratt

    There is some good in today's technology. Having our phones with our contact information, being able to pay with them, use them to scan loyalty cards, looking up information instead of an Encyclopedia, Google maps, you can also do street view in most places, email someone and they would get your letter like immediately, as opposed to waiting days for the mail to get back and forth, but the Post Office does have shipments of packages that people order online. You can research products before you buy, where to get the best price and where to buy it. I wish this technology was around when I was in 6th – 12th Grade, getting to the local library was not easy to do if you are not old enough to drive or have a vehicle if you were old enough to drive, and no public transportation. I could do research at home, when the weather was bad, and undriveable. As far as magazines, and newspapers are concerned, Apple is setting up a News + service to have access to that. I-Tunes currently has Radio as well as music, music videos and movies. You can buy individual songs if you just want one song, instead of a whole album, tape or CD. (I have seen single CD's as well, with maybe one or two songs on them). Your smart phones can have music on them as well as music videos, and YouTube Videos.


    yeah but singers and actors were over paid so good job. they can't rip us off no more at the cinema and video,music stores hahahaha

  • Charles E Bright

    I've been online 25 yrs and I remember everything on this list. The old days were far better with far less stress. Social media has become an addiction and it has become cancerous in many ways as well since it has destoyed relationships. The days off stress free living is over sadly. 25 years from now we'll be cybrogs if this trend continues LOL.

  • Kylefassbinderful

    I still memorize phone numbers. One day you're gonna need to remember an important number and your brain is gonna save the day.

  • Tatiana Searle

    Some sociologists believe that we are living in the "New Dark Ages". Much of what we know about daily life in the past centuries is known from the letters people wrote to each other, especially in wartime. But nowadays most emails are deleted within a month of being written, and even those that are saved for longer, like business correspondence, are unlikely to survive a decade.

  • Blaineworld

    my dad: * takes away my phone in the car randomly *
    me: Why can't I actually have something to do?
    my dad: Because it's good for you.
    me: Why?
    my dad: Because I said so.

    Clearly my dad doesn't realize that saying something doesn't make it true.

  • Toasty Volvo

    To be honest I really wish we still only had radio and cable networks. I’m 29. We had time without the internet world but we didn’t get any adult playing time.

  • theuriah01

    So close…. So so close…. sigh….. ???
    Any sponsor video that has nothing to do with the video itself will always result in a dislike!

  • Bongani Mkhwanazi

    If quality journalism was the name of the game for Apple news +, they wouldn't be asking for such a high mark-up, 50% is madness.

  • David Tsai

    All the things that he's saying are unfamiliar to young people are not foreign to me. Does this mean that I'm… old?

  • transitengineer

    There are a few things that, I fight hard to hold on to: still use paper maps, still go to video rental stores, still prefer to write checks, still listen to radio, still drive to the box office in advance to buy tickets for a play at my local theater, and still use reference books to look up information. But, yes I do have gray hair.

  • Valentin Roesler

    You should rename yourself to [something] explained! You’re actually explaining stuff quite nice but the name doesn’t quite fit.

  • Radical Rainbow

    I miss Blockbusters but nothing else,it was so dull in the 80’s,I can’t remember my mobile number ? I think the internet has made people angrier

  • Social Jetlag

    Lol my mom still uses a address book and I do mermorise my phone numbers because back in like 2009-2012 in Nepal the internet was just a tiny thing so I was basically living in the 90s as a kid I'm 14 now but yeah I experienced all these gotta tell y'all smartphones are addicting and just remembering back HOW THE FUCK I LIVED WITHOUT A SMARTPHONE was so sad to remember because that means I'm doing less things in real life which sucks ass but we CANNOT take the internet computers laptops phones tvs for granted without them I'd be bored to death but at the same time its a hate love relationship use it too long you will be addicted but yeah man I love the 2010s it's prolly the advancing decade in the book and I'm proud to be alive lol people looking at this comments 100 years will be like the people who commented we're alive lol but we must take some things for granted like tik tok vine stars moving to YouTube (except the goodones)and furrys Jesus if furries was a pest I'd kill em

  • Jovan Byars

    The thing is that the Internet cannot replace actual county street maps. Those are vital especially given the utter unreliability of GPS.

  • iGenius CMD & Q

    One of the best thing internet at least did and still doing for me is downloading porn videos and pirated software (Windows and Mac) then protect them with a password .RAR,bitlocker,vera crypt (Windows) or etc… while encrypted disk image,FileVault etc.. on macOS (Formerly know as Mac OS X) *also this apply to smartphones as well IOS & Android . very biggggggggggggggggggg money save Thanks ??????????????

  • rotimi kayode

    You do know people still had a AM FM radio in their cars right but yes I think we all stream more than listen to radio

  • Douglas Rogers

    I mean, I know most people dont use radios anymore, but im surprised the there are a large number of people that actually dont know what it is.

  • Martin Phillips

    It's not the internet that destroys theses prouduct its a few dum ass who decided what was best for me( there wrong) I love ❤️ my dvd and
    Rental like Netflix.i love ❤️ the choice of renting physical prouduct (DVD ,game,etc) and you know another Industry they destroyed
    Music industry which is know for (cd). Streaming to me is a bad. That one ☝️ of the reasons the cable industry is struggling.
    Ask me I want to be able to chose 5 live pbs stream from anywhere in the 50 states let me choose sent I'm paying the bill
    Thank you for letting me share

  • ricky v

    Other then encyclopedias, which I really liked using during my research paper times. The internet has made a lot of the items on this list better. Either way, great video Greg.

  • lil babies

    Me: looks at the thumbnail and sees the red thing on the right
    Also me: is that an MP3 player? owo
    (I still use one, that’s why uwu)

  • R.a. Wheeler

    News flash! America isn't a democracy, it's a constitutional Republic and while the Republic does depend on a free press, (that's why we have a first amendment to say what we mean and the 2nd to back that up after all) it's also pretty clear they're largely not free but appendages of the state for the state. You know what else a Republic needs in order to survive? Smart voters and educated people in general to stop dumb ideas that have a consistent history of failing such as socialism. I know these facts might bother some people, but thy're just facts and if you love your country enough you don't just tickle people's ears! Finally what the internet has disrupted, we've also immensely gained too. I do miss the old times. I grew up in the 80's and early 90's. I spent my college years talking about our future and technology. Some of it's good and some of it's a little sad. But, times change and this is true progress. Nothing stays the same except taxes and the laws of economics:)

  • André

    this is totally correct. it was inevitable that this would happen. and i think the internet will grow even more. business should be more prepared. the ones that are not fail.

  • luiskp

    I Think we stopped memorising phone Numbers because of cell phones, not internet. Even though they were contemporary. We had “dumb” cell phones with us and Internet at home.

  • Aras B

    Nitpicking, but Internet mass use really just started around 1994, so streching it, 25 years, in 2019. To make it 30 years, you'd have to count Prodigy and other dial up, fenced-in services.

  • Chase Fromm

    the internet has made me much more patient when im in 10 hour car ride from kansas city to denver or estes park ?????? so great! cant stand the 10 hour car ride of hell sometimes each summer from eastern kansas to the middle of colorado lmao

  • Enoch


    I know this bank branch. It is in my hometown Arusha, a city in Tanzania, I hated making lines here paying for school fees?????

  • Thomas Kirby

    Patience is a very good point. I work in retail and it's always the youngest or those who work in cities that want an item immediately, other less tech reliant people are more likely to wait for a collection service.

  • Albert Huang

    Wait, i born 2002 heard radio, watch cartoon on CN, game boy advance was my first console, have address book, send letter, buy a DvD, maybe it's my country who lagging behind.

  • Albert Huang

    First world people: ugh why the WI-FIl is slow, i cannot connect to the internet.

    Third world dude: we don't do that in here.

  • Martin Marek

    Maybe I am the only one who doesn’t get this… but how do the voting polls work? The video that ends up being uploaded is almost never the #1 response.

  • Machracers

    10. video rental
    9. affordable concert tickets
    8. dictionaries
    7. encyclopedias
    6. class reunions
    5. high quality journalism
    4. radio
    3. letters
    2. asking for directions
    1. patience
    You're welcome

  • Stewart Kee

    Journalism has failed because of tabloid culture and Rupert Murdoch. And good riddence to it. I feel safer in a world where everyone has a voice to defend themselves with. Bloggers often do more research than the hacks working from the Sun or at Fox News. I don't miss the news of the world either. Remember the Levinson inquiry?

  • Limer324

    Honestly, being a kid who grew up in the late 2000s and 2010s, I still know most of these things and interacted with them, and I am pretty happy to have an idea of what life used to be like.

  • Ryan M

    5:36 But nowadays, it is harder for news corporations to obscure important events and information from their viewers. You can go and find lots of smaller independent sources instead of relying on NBC, Fox, etc….

  • Timothy Nickles 2 the VHS fan

    The internet has not really destroyed really anything it just made thing more a little better books and lbry will always be around and physical media will always be around so the internet has not destroyed anything but it has made things easier to get and human knowledge is to find then going to the library but library will be around for people that may not have internet access

  • shane lauer

    1. Privacy!
    2. Putting prisoner lives at risk. Who is this new person? I’m not sure, find out his first and last name and I’ll have my friend Google him for a background check and if it’s something bad we’ll let everyone in the prison know so very bad things will happen to him or her.

  • shane lauer

    Wanna know a weird fact? Go to www.familytreenow.com and you can find anyone’s address, phone number, and any relatives addresses and phone numbers. That doesn’t put anyone in danger at all and It’s all one hundred percent free!

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