10 Best Mockup Templates for Photoshop [2019]

Mockups are a
graphic designer’s best friend. But they can also be
used in a small business or personal setting. They allow us to provide
clients or customers with a clear model of the products we offer in a real world setting, without having to create the
actual physical product itself. Envato Elements has a wide
range of Photoshop mockups at its disposal. But we’ve singled out our
top 10 best mockup templates for Photoshop for 2019, and conveniently gathered them here. All items featured today are
available with a subscription to Envato Elements. Find the link in the description below. Number 10, Verdura
Stationery Shadow Mockups, by PixelBuddha Graphic. Intricate shadows grace
this mockup with such beautiful detail. Even in a darkened frame the
product is still highlighted as the prioritized element. Who knew shadows could be
just as valuable as light when used in a design setting. Number nine, MacBook laptop
display web app mockup by itscroma. This mockup is the perfect
way for web designers and app creators to
showcase their products. The light, rose gold back drop is inviting yet doesn’t take away from
the product being displayed. A fully customizable design
is just one of the amazing features available in
this mockup template. Number eight, 85×55 black
business card mockups by StreetD. Rounded corners are all
the rage when it comes to business cards right now. This mockup is sleek, sophisticated, and allows the designer
to choose from seven photorealistic styles. Perfect for any industry
this business card mockup is super versatile and
insanely easy to use. Number seven, premium flyer
mockups by Zippy Pixels. With this Photoshop mockup
template dull boring flyer design pitches will be a thing of the past. Bi-fold and tri-fold options are offered, along with realistic background designs to showcase the details
you’ve put into your client’s flyers in a real life setting. Number six, SHEILA, scene
creator stationary mockup, by VisualColony. Filtered sunlight and organic
shadows are cleverly featured in this stationary mockup for Photoshop. Your online shop, portfolio,
and social media accounts will take on an amazing ambience
when this mockup is used. Five different shadow overlay
potions allow you to choose the best one to suit your
promotional material. Number five, iPad Pro
mockups v3 by 2dsight. This pristine mockup is a
perfect mix of corporate and creative. An iPad sat delicately on
a timber table screens your products with lifelike results. We see a chic, fashionista
vibe akin to high end online shopping that
doesn’t outweigh the ability of this mockup to be used in
a corporate design setting. Number four, picture
art mockup, volume one, by SherlockHolmes. Our number four mockup template
will allow you to compile your art pieces into a
sensational online gallery. You can highlight your
portfolio under realistic studio lighting with
soft, filtered shadows. The content within this
mockup for Photoshop is easily customizable with
the use of Smart Objects. Number three, Ombra
Stationery shadow mockups by PixelBuddha Graphic. Minimalistic realism is the driving theme of this beautifully designed mockup. Social content, product showcases, presentations, banners, you name it. This template can cover it all. Choose from 12 designs
to create your perfectly realistic display. Number two, magazine
mockups PSD by ZippyPixels. This mockup is every
content specialist’s dream. Provide your clients
with a surreal glimpse at your creations in their magazine. Make them feel like they’re
sitting in a New York coffee shop flipping through
an interesting article. Conveniently the wooden
background is customizable to suit the color palette of your product. Number one, art wall and
frame mockups by MintMockups. The number one mockup pack
on this list is modern, sophisticated, and will
knock your clients’ and customers’ socks right off. Beautifully designed rooms
are surrounded by walls lined with portraits of
your amazing content. It’ll feel as though you
and your clients are sitting right there in the room
admiring your work. The images featured here are from Mixkit, a totally free online resource
for art and stock footage. Check it out via the link
in the description below. The number one template
on this list might’ve been our favorite, but do you agree? Like this video and let
us know in the comments the mockup that would
be most useful to you or your business. Wanna see more videos
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