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1 Hosting Our Website

Once you dial up your Web site the next thing you want to do is let the world see your Web site. So you have to store the files in your web site on some server that can be accessed by everyone on the Internet. Now there are Web hosting services which you can purchase which will allow you to host your Web sites on their server. Some of the popular ones are hosted gator GoDaddy site Ground and blue host. There are a lot more right now. After purchasing the hosting service you have to purchase a domain name that is the name of your Web site. For example you may dot com. So there are domain registrars which help you purchase the domain names that you like. Some popular Web sites where you can purchase domain names are GoDaddy domain dot com name cheap and blow host. Now if you are purchasing or hosting service for the first time you may get offers where you will get a domain name for free for a year. So just do a little bit of research before purchasing the hosting service and the domain name. Now you just need to configure the DNS of your domain name to point to the hosting entries. You’ll get all the instructions in your e-mail when you purchase the hosting service. So that is basically how a website is hosted. Now there are free ways as well to host your Web site. If you’re just getting started one of them is called Natalie by using Natalie if I can host your static Web site. So let me show you how to host your Web site for free using Natalie fact. Now the first thing you need to do is go to Natalie fight dot com and create an account by clicking on sign up. And if you go over here to pricing we can see we have different pricing over here. We have this free plan as well as the paid ones. And you can find all the features over here. All right so once you’ve signed up just log into your account. Now let me show you how easy it is to host your Web site on Natalie Phi. First of all just browse to the folder of your Web site. So this is our Web site folder. If we go inside we can see all the files and folders so you know to go to the main folder of your Web site. So this is our main folder and just drag and drop it into Natalie file and that’s it. Our site is hosted on this crazy you are all over here. So let’s click on that and here we can see our Web site and everything is working perfectly. So that is basically how easy it is to host your Web site. Oh Natalie fine. And you can also change the name of our Web site over here. So let’s go ahead and let’s go to our domain settings and click on these options and edit site name and you can change this name over here but this Natalie file dot com will stay over here. That’s because it is a free domain name. So let’s change to something else and we can see it has changed to my new Web site dot. Natalie file dot com. Now if you want to add your custom domain to Natalie file just click on add custom domain. And here you type the name of your domain and click on verify and then changed the DNS settings of your domain name. And you can find all the instructions over here. So just go through this and you can add your custom domain to your nightly file Web site. So that’s basically it for this video. We have hosted our Web site on Natalie. And in the next video I’ll show you how to get the contact details of our Web site using Natalie Vine. So that’s it for this video. See you in the next one.

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