1- Alan Adı (Domain) ve Barındırma (Hosting) Nedir?

Hello! in this lesson ,we are going to talk abaut domain name and hosting notion and we’ll learn what you need for choosing true domain name and hosting Domain name is ıdentity of websites on the internet as an english even if we need to say domain name but u can enough to say only domain,,,tü are few example of domain name. domain names consist of several parts Subdomain,root domain,domain extension and country code if we start from the end ,Country code shows us web site’s country offically There are plenty of extension .For Turkey is “tr”,and for Germany is “de” etc. every websites don’t need to have country code. to take country code’s extension ,you need to fit in certain requirements most common known domain name is “com” except this one There are “.net , .gov,.org ” and etc. You can reach detailly list abaut this ,in the description there is a lesson link. Root domain part is the our selection for our sites the first part is called subdomain. if we want to set up multiple websites under one website ,we can use Subdomain we are saying all of them is “URL” no matter private or Corporate If we want to make our websites we need to take domain name we need take domain name for extension which we want ,to be able to use e-posta For example, to open a e-posta acc. named”[email protected]” Firstly,you need to take domain name “” Well! When we think abaut Domain name ,what criteria we need to think Domain name should reflect directly inside your website.”” is the good example of this. It should be easy to remember people do not think twice when searching on google or they dont confuse with other web sites itshould be abaut brand or product Having your trademark registration certificate in web names minimizes future problems. if you take meaningless name ,it ll be easy to say and write it down. It shouldn’t remind other web sites “” which is good example of shoes sales site or “twitter” Try to get a “com” domain name. However, if you are making an website for an organization, “org”
would be the right choice. Sometimes you can also use very unknown extensions to make a difference. To be remarkable, xyz, club, we can be used in extensions. Short domain names are always good. Long names have a negative effect on search results. Trying to select domains that do not exceed one or two words. Hosting means accommodate We call the system that hosts the content you will put on your website and transfers this content to the visitors. when you decide to take a hosting ,you ll encounter some terms The important ones are as follows: disk space is the file capacity you can upload to your site. For a basic site, 2 kilobytes will suffice. Bandwidth also called monthly transfer or traffic
how much information your visitors can get on your site in a month
is the determining value. 15-20 GB Bandwidth will be sufficient for starting. email account shows us a value ,that how many email account can take ,which ending with your domain name if u don’t have so many users ,piece of 10 e-mail limit is enough to use MySQL is a database that necessary to install wordpress Hosting that you ll take ,you need to open at least one of datebase. PHPMyAdmin is interface program that being able to do some of operation in database Generally , lots of hosting are support this one. cPanel is the manage area that inside the hosting it is hosting management panel that most of users choose. Linux hostings more efficent than others for wordpress I don’t advise u to use windows hostings cheap meat ‘s stew can be raw for hosting ,situation is like this you can find cheap hosting but ,these hostings let you down Many web sites I support
Most of the problems are caused by hosting later,transfer the websites to the other hosting leads us e-mail loss and custumer loss. for that reasen ,at the first poınt is so important to choose true hosting our advice on this ,GoDaddy taking a hosting ,that above your requirement or under ur requirement ,throws your money in the trash for this reason,you need to choose ur requirement trully choice the corporate firms that has adress and tax number be sure that they have working phone number if you ll install wordpress ,choose the hosting packets that support wordpress you can reach detaill information abaut this on our websites Well ! why GoDaddy World’s best known domain hosting company their infrastructure is strong and they can sell it at an affordable price they work for only domain name and hosting and for this reason they are workıng professionally with turkısh panel,you can do what ever you want easly if u got any problem u can take a support from the phone Because your servers are customized to WordPress, your site opens much faster than other servers. Also You can increase this speed by purchasing SSD hosting. With automatic backups, you can easily return to a day or a month if you got problem on your site. abaut security GoDaddy is unique I have heard from someone I know that hackers most disliked hosting company GoDaddy GoDaddy gives full support to WordPress automatic installation ,update, restore options make our job very easy. with only one click , you can install your wordpress or you can transport your current website to GoDaddy as i told you , it is not cheap,but also it is not that much expensive you can take domain name and hosting abaut 12-14 $ and install ur site. if u want to more faster site than normal ,this price would be araound 22-24 $ Hosting in these standards more expensive in other hostings firms For the price you give you get to the end. You can also get a 30% discount and free domain name by clicking on the sponsor link on the WordPress School home page. In this lesson, we learned the terms related to domain name and hosting. In our next lesson, we will learn how to apply domain name and hosting. Thank you!

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