000webhost Review: The Best Free Web Hosting Available? [2019]
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000webhost Review: The Best Free Web Hosting Available? [2019]

are you looking to learn website
creation and need an environment to practice for free
maybe you’re just starting out with your online business and you want a free
option to test out the waters well in this video I will cover one of your top
choices when it comes to free online hosting. 000webhost let’s
review my name is Emit and today we will
determine if 000webhost by the way the name 000webhost
not easy to pronounce at all is the right free hosting provider for you
before we begin I would like to point out that no matter which free hosting
provider you’ll choose they will all have drawbacks so if you want to
seriously scale your business I would strongly recommend looking at one of the
cheapest paid options available to save yourself a lot of time and effort moving
forward and with that out of the way let’s see what 000webhost
has to offer 000webhost is an extremely well polished product their
free web hosting service isn’t a demo or a trial version it’s a fully standalone
product that will allow you to create and host professional-looking websites
with a free plan you will get 1GB of disk space which is
completely fine if you want to create an average website for reference your basic
WordPress website will probably take up around 500MB the disk space will
be only a limiting factor if you’re planning to upload large files for your
users to download later you will also get 10 GB worth of bandwidth
which means you can support around 10,000 to 15,000 monthly visitors if you have an
average sized WordPress website while this seems like a lot it is important to
keep in mind that due to something called the request limit the more people
use your website at the same time the slower it will get I was able to hit
half of the request cap with just around 10 people browsing my website at the
same time meaning if more than 20 or 30 users are browsing simultaneously
loading speeds will be significantly slower for everyone of course this isn’t
the end of the world 20 to 30 users at the same time
are perfectly okay to start with and you will get access to database management
tools that are pretty much the industry standard so you shouldn’t run into any
problems when working with databases however what the free plan is seriously
lacking are email accounts meaning you won’t be able to make and manage email
accounts that look something like this instead of this it’s quite an important
aspect if you’ll be communicating with customers to make your brand look legit
okay so now let’s overview the good the bad and the ugly sides of 000webhost. Signing up is an extremely easy and hassle-free process I’ve tried some
other free hosting providers before that require you to fill out your address
your phone number postal code and all sorts of weird information signing up
with 000webhost takes virtually no time at all
one of the main benefits you’ll get as a free user is the option to auto install
WordPress and manage your website using the WordPress admin panel you won’t have
to deal with the file transferring or set up time as 000webhost
will do everything for you automatically the process is very simple but as I have
experienced it doesn’t always work as intended I’ll talk more about this later
for now I would like to point out that once you’ve created your website you
will not have any additional advertisements or banners besides a
small 000webhost watermark at the bottom this is especially nice
compared to some of the other free options like Wix which will put much
more visible and invasive advertisements on your website with the free plan while
all of this is great so far one of the biggest downsides of many free web
hosting services is the speed but against all odds 000webhost
was fast and I mean surprisingly fast let me show you some results I’ve set up
two identical websites one with 000webhost and another with FreeHosting.com using the GTMetrix speed analyser tool I’ve tested both websites
and here are the results 000webhost scored a loading time of just
1.3 seconds and FreeHosting.com had a result of 2.3 seconds
then I performed the test again in direct comparison to each service, 000webhost loaded in just one point one second this time that’s more
than double the speed of FreeHosting.com and for a free hosting one point
one second is really good when it comes to load speed you want for it to be as
close or below a second as possible anything beyond that will negatively
impact your business and having over 2 seconds load time on a very light web
site that doesn’t have much going on shows why free hosting services are
famous for their slow speed for my second test I used an uptime robot to
monitor the response times and how much downtime my website’s experienced after
running the tests for a couple of days here are the results. The average
response time of 000webhost was 300 milliseconds but my website was
down for seven minutes in the span of five days. Google recommends having a
response time somewhere around 200 milliseconds which 000webhost managed to do pretty consistently with the exception of some large spikes
here and there on the other hand the average response time for FreeHosting.com was 900 milliseconds but the website was only down for 1 minute in the span
of 5 days. FreeHosting.com didn’t manage to go below the 600 millisecond
mark and spiked up as high as 2,000 milliseconds at some points for
reference I want to compare this data with some of the paid hosting services
that I’ve been monitoring as well you can pause the video right now if you
want to analyze this data for yourself but all things considered 000webhost holds up
pretty well even when compared to some of the most popular paid hosting
providers keep in mind that this data is only based on uptime and server response
times speaking about traffic and customers one of the great things about
using zero zero zero web host is that they will allow you to monetize your
website by placing your own ads without limitation there’s even an option to
mark your website as explicit so that you won’t get suspended if you are in
the less safe for work industry now let’s talk about what this service gets
wrong and why if they aren’t as good as paid options remember how I said that
000webhost supports WordPress and installation is quite easy
if it works correctly well it took me almost an hour and two separate accounts
to get it working the way I wanted to work I was getting errors using the
automatic setup which resulted in my website looking like this when I tried
to reset my website using their automatic reset option the results
weren’t any better I still couldn’t get the automatic installer to work properly
I was getting database errors and this brings up to my second point as a free
user you will not have a chance to speak with any of the support agents so if
something goes wrong you’re kind of on your own I say kind of because 000webhost does have a community driven forum where people help each
other out the forum seems to be quite active new threads are being made every
day and most of them have a reply or two at the moment they’re having some issues
with the forum verification system since you need a separate account for hosting
and the forum luckily there’s also a discord channel where they say you
should be able to verify your account manually however I wasn’t able to do
this and I decided to ask for help I was able to contact one of the discord
channel admins that provided an answer to my question within two minutes
however instead of solving my problem I just got bounced around to another
contact channel at which point I didn’t seem the need to verify my forum account
as getting help through the discord channel showed to be quite fast and
effective which brings me to my third point if you’re planning to run an
online business of any kind backups are a must if you do not have any backup so
when something goes wrong you could lose everything in an instant and with that
being said I think I’m finally ready to wrap up this review so would I recommend
000webhost? Absolutely most of the free hosting providers
suffer from at least one of these issues slow speed excessive branding or very
hard to set up but 000webhost thank god this is the last time I
have to say during this review managed to somehow escape all three issues at
the cost of consistency. Yes it’s a great service if you get it to work keyword
here being if you get it to work they claim to be an environment to test study
and experiment and their services perfectly represent that if you want to
do anything more chances are a free hosting solution isn’t the best one for
you however if you have no other choice this will work as a great temporary
solution and considering their free option is
well free and you only need an email address to get started it’s the perfect
solution for anyone that’s looking to host a school project or try their hands
out at some online business ideas at the moment I would have to say that it’s
definitely one of the better free hosting alternatives that are available
and I would rate it at a solid seven out of ten but considering it is a free
option imma go ahead and give it an additional plus one yes some things do
suck some things don’t work as they should but considering you’re paying
absolutely nothing for it it still manages to do a damn good job I hope you
enjoyed my review and I’ll see you in the next one


  • tabletop581

    Great video – thanks.
    Can I ask, does 000webhost allow you to send SMTP mail ?
    I have a contact form in my WordPress site, and I want a mailer than will work. My current freehost blocks smtp, and it limits a lot of plugins : (

    When you sign up , does it ask you for your credit card or driving license ?
    And, whats the url that it gives you, mychosenname.000webhost.com ?

  • Entertainshala

    i have hosted in infinity free hosting but the speed of the backend is very very very slow ,its the worst hosting service i have ever seen.Its saying someting about apache ,refresh your page ,so ehat is that mean…..

  • Entertainshala

    today i have created a website on 000webhost,but after creating some pages i am unable to open my site dashboad and website as well,it is showing the following error…

    We were able to connect to the database server (which means your username and password is okay) but not able to select the id9811243_wp_1b0f5a67ac29e9105b079c226b085f83 database.

    Are you sure it exists?
    Does the user id9811243_wp_1b0f5a67ac29e9105b079c226b085f83 have permission to use the id9811243_wp_1b0f5a67ac29e9105b079c226b085f83 database?
    On some systems the name of your database is prefixed with your username, so it would be like username_id9811243_wp_1b0f5a67ac29e9105b079c226b085f83. Could that be the problem?

  • Marcus Baptiste

    this seems like a pretty good service considering that its free. Nothing is really free tbh if you're doing a real business you absolutely need to get a paid hosting. but this is great for demos, learning or testing


    Just check infinity free a bit good service( https://infinityfree.net ). But the best is https://8b.com which gives a gives free hosting with a website builder.

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