?The TRUTH about VPNs. You NEED to see this! 2019 (Kodi / Streaming / APK / Security)
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?The TRUTH about VPNs. You NEED to see this! 2019 (Kodi / Streaming / APK / Security)


  • The Rust Admin

    can I use a VPN without paying anyone other than the VPN supplier. Can I use one without having a router or internet contract?

  • Robert Scheid

    Here's a question: If you have a hacker that knows your modem details and hacks past your security on your household modem, does a VPN really help? Doesn't a VPN encrypt your stream of data once it leaves your device? But if some one knows all the "back-end" details of your modem and hacks through your modem and your router to your machine and then "hacks" a login to your machine, Does a VPN protect against that at all?

  • MrBrianDuga

    This was immensely helpful as I spent all of yesterday traveling down the rabbit hole on this topic. Who can be trusted, the 5/14 eyes, which vpns log your usage (the case with ipvanish under different management), throttling bandwidth once locked into a yearly plan (a reviewer accused nord of this), youtube reviewers getting commissions. I have been thinking of trying torGuard and just turning it off when I use streaming sites. They have a streaming IP but the price ratchets up.

  • Beorn

    Hi very interesting video, There was a couple of thing you mentioned one is about throttling, could you make a list of which ISP`s are known to do this, and with a VPN if the VPN provider can see what you are doing then arnt you just swapping being seen from the ISP to the VPN provider

  • Darren Reid

    Heh man, thanks for the great video. I've a question, if I was using IPTV on a firestick would u recommend I used a VPN? Obviously I'm using the IPTV to stream sports content that I would otherwise have to pay for but avoiding.

  • African Rule

    Congratulations on being such a professional youtuber TechDoc. Truly amazing work and extra credit for the way you advertise on your videos.

  • Mi Schermer

    I have a question. If your data is encrypted before leaving your computer, how does the destination know what decryption to use to be able to use the data and what is keeping someone else from obtaining that code needed to decrypt that information?

  • lochinvar00465

    When it comes to throttling torrenting apparently my ISP doesn't. Curious you mentioned torrents because I just got done getting a new Linux distro that way. I had to throttle it myself because my ISP lets it come in so fast my computer spends way too much CPU on it to allow me to do anything else.In fact from what I saw, it was actually coming in faster than my connection should allow by default.

  • Ruby Oppenheimer

    If the government were to be involved, would the vpn company legally have to give your isp address to them?

  • chris davies

    wrong about speed depending where you are broadband speed is the speed of light 186000 a sec so it wont make a noticably difference

  • Dig Digger

    other than the fact that you logon to netflix and they know it's your account… so whether it's Canada, Botswana or UK they know it's you via an account… DER so bad example.

  • Ash Allen

    Netflix wouldn't have you in their logs if you're using a vpn? That's not true. It's the ISP and anyone other than the destination that you're looking to keep your activity from. Netflix for instance know it's you because you login, it just looks like you're in another location.

  • Annja Stoudmire

    Will hit 1 Million subscribers on July 24 at 8:10. This loaded well on NVIDIA. I only wish that the "OLPAIR.COM", "VEV.IO/PAIR", and/or that other PIN Generator step was eliminated as I have picked up a virus or something that caused xxx rated screens to pop-up on my computer. Any suggestions about the safer options for pairing is required? I think the PIN generating thing is what pushed my computer over the edge with xrated pop-ups.

  • steve heimbuch

    Great explanation about vpn’s. I feel safe knowing that I don’t really need one for just streaming movies on my fire stick. Thank you giganticly from a novice tech dork!

  • OneDayAfterAnother

    My main reason for coming here was to know if I needed a VPN just to stream stuff using KODI addons. I'm still not sure I have the answer. I know torrenting you definitely need one.

  • Roco Roco

    Excellent video – Nice, concise and to the point – Learned more in 13 minutes than ever before on VPN – thank you!

  • Ijaz H

    I have noticed Virginmedia is blocking paid IPTV when EPL is on. When you use a VPN it works fine. I have been using IP vanish and it has stopped working without warning when I have been using peer to peer. Useful info on kill switch I'll have to set that up to kill uTorrent and Popcorn Time

  • Alice Angel

    Wat best for messanger social media and even private text messages I can smell the Lil spies on everything I do hhhelp

  • Marcel

    For me if i try to stream a torrent movie on my android box with my VPN turned on,,,,,i mostly get stuttering/buffering/pauzes when watching. Can that be changed? My up/download speed is threw glassfiber, 100 mb.up/down. I hope anyone can look at my question. Thx for the vid ! i get to chose between p2p servers or without p2p, does it make a difference?

  • Tom Voke

    But to access a Netflix movie (for example) you still have to use your Netflix account, do you not? Therefore they know it's you.

  • Kania Elena

    Is there any way that you could help me? I used VPN a couple of times, then I couldn't connect to my Wifi. It says something about my IP Address. Can you help me fix this?

  • Sam Withoutlimits

    Thanks for this information. It's been a while since you made this but my follow up question is is there any difference between streaming and downloading?

  • Jason McAdam

    Great video, well explained. I work in IT so I have a slight criticism. Totally disagree that people who only 'surf' shouldn't bother with a VPN. AI is on the verge of transforming the world. The subsequent data mining will expose a lot of people's intimate online behaviour . I'm no conspiracy theorist, but the following profiling and potential hacking will leave a lot of people at risk. Everyone should have VPN subscription. Everything you have ever done on the internet is on a server, somewhere. Forever. It's surprising that so many of my friends are not aware of this fact, especially kids. Everyone should use VPN, always. It's not 100%, like you said, but it is absolutely needed in today's world – by all.

  • Jim wilson

    Netflix in the UK don't let you use a VPN. You'll get a message saying "you're using a blocker" and you have to switch it off or you can't access netflix. I used express vpn free for a month using kodi and it was brilliant and fast.

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