? Curso Gratis Para Crear una Tienda Online Híbrida con WordPress + Woocommerce {Introducción}
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? Curso Gratis Para Crear una Tienda Online Híbrida con WordPress + Woocommerce {Introducción}

Hello, such entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs! In this first video I want to explain and answer many questions that are sure to come up from now on. As you know, I’m improving my channel to bring you the maximum possible value so that you can become an elite entrepreneur. I want you to know that the new videos
that I will go up in the channel will be very well structured and focused so that
you can create an online store totally from scratch with your own
mark in parallel with the videos that I’m going to go up on my channel always
I will be inviting my academy digital marketing and online sales you know
I’m not hypocritical with the free videos of the channel you can be
I will surely help you at the highest level but if you want me to be your mentor and
get all the methodologies that I’m developing to sell creating brand
next to seo marketing strategies and many more things I will be willing to
give you all my current knowledge and the one that I am constantly acquiring
thanks to the brands I already have created and positioned more than
400 students are already in my academy stop creating disruptive marks for
little by little make a hole in the market if you decide to enter my academy
You will have me as your mentor for four days the week 16 hours each of these
days within a virtual group I will not rest there until you can
develop a creative mindset already so you can generate disruptive ideas
to position and sell in your niche online market for you to do
an idea we are talking about 256 hours a month and so every month for
always apart from this you will become part of a group of
entrepreneurs with your same desire with your same goals
the investment you need is practically ridiculous and remember this
it is not an expense it is an investment what yes it is an expense for example is to buy a
iphone of 1200 euros this is investing in knowledge a
knowledge that will help you today tomorrow and always to generate digital business
how do you know the future are sales online and I do not tell you I surely
you will have heard this said to many market analysts and also to
big companies and brands remember that a master of digital marketing round the
10 thousand 15 thousand and up to 25 thousand euros in my academy everything will be practical practice and
practice all this with real cases and in you are cordially invited to the
series of videos that I will upload to my channel in these videos I will teach you to
create a hybrid online store with a new brand with which I am going to sell
pet accessories from scratch and step step by step this is something that no guru
realize you know why because they do not they are passionate about this wonderful world of
online sales they love your pocket
money and remember that I’m here to help you at the highest level I want you
begin to train you to be a enterprising or enterprising elite
I wait for you in the next video and Remember what I always say you were born
to succeed not to see the triumph of the rest
this weekend


  • Posonty

    ?? Aquí tenéis el Play List que acabo de crear para estructurar todos las lecciones del curso de Tiendas Online ? https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLupjMETcS1I2-Af3lR2Gx9Jx3JjAdaCJX

  • Beni Placitus

    Muy Bien… cada vez mas contenido y demás calidad¡¡¡¡¡¡ a seguir asi¡¡¡¡
    PD: Gracias por tus consejo el otro día sobre mi problema con el plugin Content Egg, ya lo solucione….. menos mal jejejeje

  • Luci

    Con Posonty , encontré una de las mejores fuentes de aprendizaje e inspiración para emprender, con su experiencia,ejemplo y casos de éxito, él dar Animo, coraje y determinación aquellas personas que quiere plasmar la aventura de emprender. A través de estos casos y experiencias exitosas podemos conocer los retos que como emprendedores debemos asumir, las principales retos que enfrentan los emprendedores, las claves para crear empresas exitosas y además para eso tenemos a Posonty para nos llenar de motivación para seguir adelante y tener la firme convicción de que nosotros también podemos .
    Gracias por tu valiosas aportaciones.

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