• Oreoluwa Olajide

    Thanks pat for information. I'm just starting out. Every information you provide on your blog and YouTube channel are helpful

  • Na'ima B. Robert

    Hmmmmm…. Love the way you’ve broken this down but I have a question: why do you prefer ConvertKit to Mailchimp? I have accounts with both for different brands and I find the templates on Mailchimp much easier to work with and produce nicer looking emails ? The Mailchimp site is slicker and more pleasant to use as well. But you’re not the first raving ConvertKit fan I’ve been trained by. Am I missing something here?

  • Michael Mather

    I wish I could remember whom I was reading last month that said, "I owe so much of my development to Pat Flynn". I thought who is Pat Flynn?… and since then I've been BLOWN AWAY,
    What an amazing way to live your life, Pat! Finding your audience and giving them what they want.
    This week, I'm setting up my Resources Page on dharmaholic.com.
    love alwaz
    mike #teamflynn

  • Elizabeth Keene Solutions

    #teamflynn Thank you for the information GREAT- I love the video aspect of what the Affiliate product does / works. who knew – Amazing

  • Prof Numéric

    I am planning to do a ressources pages like you mentionned Pat. I also have a question, as a new CK customer, do i bring my 1000 and + subscribers from my old email newsletter provider (MC) or do i start from sratch ? Merci beaucoup from that french girl in Montréal, Québec :)??

  • Maisy McDarby Stanovich

    Two next steps for me, highlight an affiliate product in a resources page and create a demo of the product. I think I can handle that! Thanks as always. #teamflynn

  • Casey Flatt

    Im in the beginning stages of building my website/blog and in the process of learning WordPress better lol — but appreciate and love all your strategies!! The next thing I’m going to do is check out convert kit!! I don’t have any email subscribers just yet lol – but getting myself familiar to the software first sounds awesome to me!! Appreciate you!! Thank you #TeamFlynn

  • Caleb Kresge

    I'm a great grandson to the founder of K-mart which used to be called "kresgemart" hence the K. I am inspired by my great grandfather to make a difference in our customers story. He was an advocate of doing what makes you feel uncomfortable or scared because it would undoubtably build your character and transform you into a leader. That being said, I will be implementing affiliate's and a resource page first but being a young startup, I will eventually be implanting all of these strategies because they all have the potential to help my business succeed and build my character, which, inevitably will bill my customers. Pat, you're the best, it's no surprise that your content bring TONS of value! Thanks for providing it. #teamflynn

  • Living it Country

    For affiliate marketing what is a good percent to get? My husband got his first affiliate deal and is getting 5% for products that are $120-$200. Should he ask for larger percent?

  • Dickson Sarpong

    You are my mentor and a teacher. I'm now joining the internet marketing space to make money online niche. Very competitive keyword. How do I find products to promote as an affiliate. Currently working on my resource page at http://odicki.com.
    I entered the niche blindly without a proper keyword research but have challenged my self to have a bite of the cake. Pat Flynn, Brian Dean, Glen Allsopp (introvert type), Spencer Haws and Neil Patel are the people to watch. Any Assistance PAT? On how to go about my site. Currently unemployed really need to turn things around. Counting on your actionable insights.

  • Dickson Sarpong

    #TeamFlynn: The resource page will work out well for me now that am starting out with little resources. Its 4:00 AM GMT here in Ghana- West Africa and taking action on my resource page.

  • Richard Jimenez

    Pat, great video. I’m back with you again since you have these vids now which I find easier to follow compared to the podcasts. This was a my first vid watching you and was meaningful for me! Thanks for doing these and looking for more inspiration to try these methods you teach. Cheers!

  • Shawna Cevraini

    Thanks for the video! Lots of great ideas for getting your affiliate stuff out there (and most of all be helpful!!) #teamflynn I need to do all of these but my first one will be the checklist tool. I need one for a new email list building campaign, so that will be a two-fer❤️❤️❤️???

  • Eva Finn

    I also find affiliate marketing is a great way to earn a good income. It's also important to have a platform that can automate all the process and easily create your LP, webinar, membership using Artificial Intelligence izibiz.online/AI

  • Paula Nowak

    #teamflynn I love the checklist idea. I'll be making one in the next week that includes affiliate items we recommend for new puppy owners. Thank you Pat! You provide such amazing resources.

  • Cristobal Colon

    #teamflynn Thanks for that great video! I'll try a couple of things you said eventually. But will start right away with the Resources page. Thanks, Pat!

  • Sharlene Habermeyer

    Thanks Pat for these amazing videos! I'm hooked! I'm an old guy who is trying to help his wife in a digital world. She has an amazing blog but no exposure. Your ideas are brillant! I think I will try a resource page on her blog site! Go #teamflynn!!

  • Steven Lathwell

    Hi Pat! I'm sorry I embarrassingly got a little lost in your video. Are you saying that you made the money direct from promoting this product in particular, or you mean you made the money from using this as a tool to promote other products that pay an affiliate commission? Thanks and keep up the great work I've been a follower for years!

  • mbybak

    I personally loved the idea about the checklist and mentioning the product subtly by making points that make use of that software in particular! Thank you! #teamflynn

  • Thiago Santos

    Nice!!!:DDD Thank you!!!:DDD
    I think that doing a longer tutorial adding the affiliate product as one of the steps is the ones that I like the most! I'll definitely try to do that one!!!:DDD
    Thank you!!:DDD

  • Jagadeesh Jayachandran

    Hi Pat, Thanks for such an amazing video, Is it good to have a website only for affiliate purpose, so it should have a theme like only fitness advise or only about books, please?

  • E Zhang

    Thank you so much for this valuable info, I want to start to do affiliate right away but having problem with where to start, any advice about how to find the right niche?

  • Sofronio Lampitoc

    Hi Pat my name is Ronie from the Philippines and I want to learn more about email marketing and one thing also I don't know how to make emails thanks and God Bless

  • Justin Dillon

    I like the Audit. I have a niche site that am working on as a result of your videos. Thank you so much. I'm size M by the way. 🙂

  • Bob (WebGuyBob) Raymond

    #TeamFlynn – I'm just now discovering this video. Great stuff, Pat! My strategy is to use autoresponders when people sign up for my newsletter. A resource page will be little further down the road, as my site extremely niche and I need to think through what types of resources my audience would truly deem valuable. BTW, my audience is people live, have lived or aspire to live on a tiny island named Kwajalein. It's in the Marshall Islands about halfway between Hawaii and Australia. Here's the website: https://www.kwajnet.com

  • JuanRomero

    Dude your videos helps me a lot I couldn't just write an answer but I'll want to tell you that I will use promote like review and demos of different equipment I have to try to build my audience and grow.

  • Mary's favs

    #teamflynn I plan on compiling a resource page with affiliate link products that would be great for my specific community and will create a couple demo videos. Thanks, you are always an invaluable resource!!!

  • David Noon

    Pat, I can’t watch this video as it keeps jumping to the non existent live stream. The first time I have ever come across this issue so it’s a bit weird. Just letting you know. Cheers!

  • Gurpreet Sachdeva

    Hey PAT, I have seen many affiliate marketers having their youtube channel as well, and they take out their courses and they don't disclose those secret tools/ software, so could you help us out with those secret tools/ software.

  • Pim Stigter

    Hi Pat, this is the best video I have seen from you so far! Please keep creating more video’s like this. I’m all fired up right now and start implementing this immediatly. Thanks

  • Bilal Hassan Zaidi

    Hi Pat, you have discussed the physical products for affiliate marketing, what do you think about services affiliate marketing can you do a show or podcast on services affiliate marketing I feel this segment has got huge potential. I have been working on it and looking for international joint venture too.

  • Raylin Records

    You're content is incredible. How can you interview founders/people who work for the product? Are there strategies for contacting them?

  • KTES Club

    Thank you, Pat, for this awesome guidance. After watching this video, I added Resources Page on my website keytoentrepreneursuccess.com. Best regards, Sarah Roosevelt #teamflynn

  • wayne stani

    Affiliate marketing works, but it works better in the Make Money Niche (including all courses, tools, software, etc) because almost everyone wants to make more money and almost everyone is passionate about it. I would like to see more examples of making good money in other niches please. Too many video channels promote Affiliate Marketing in the Make Money niche and show how wildly profitable it is.

  • Rahul swamy

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  • TimeTraveler

    On the on Hand knocking the white board out of the screen looked nice on the hand im very distracted by the fact that is laying there for the entire video. I kinda just want to put it up, but i cant this is so disturbing – cleaningOCD 😀

  • vasudeva rao

    Hi Pat
    I liked this video, especially the audit of the product you are promoting. I have already subscribed to your free tutorials on affiliate marketing and I am sure it will show me how to do it in the correct way. Thank you.

  • Andres Eduardo Garcia Lopez

    Excellent content a great follower of all your content. I have a doubt about the news tendencies of content marketing and strategy for new or futures bloggers or content creators. What is the future of blogging today that the video is tje most consume content?

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