? Uma GTX 980 Ti é suficiente para 4K UHD ou 2.5K WQHD? Testes extras com a EVGA GTX 980 Ti Hybrid
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? Uma GTX 980 Ti é suficiente para 4K UHD ou 2.5K WQHD? Testes extras com a EVGA GTX 980 Ti Hybrid

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Hey guys! What’s up? It is a long time since my latest video, right? 6 or 7 days? I was very busy running a lot of tests,
there is a lot of work to do here, so keep a watchful eye on our channel the next few days, there will be several new videos, reviews, tests, ok?
Well, folks, today I will subject the 980 TI HYBRID to a few extra tests, it is installed here and it is going to leave today or tomorrow probably, in my last video I review it, I performed a several tests in Full HD 2.5k, 4k, overclocking, temperature, I’ll leave the link in description for those who want to know more about the design of this card, and today we will perform extra testing for finalizing our works, OK? And I will answer the following question: a 980 TI is
enough to run at 4k? I know Pascal GPUs are about to be launched, they are almost here, but there are still many people who are buying these cards, and when Pascal comes, many people will
sell their cards in order to buy Pascal and there will be a lot of 980 TI in the market at a good price, so I find interesting doing this test
and answering that question for you, OK?
And now I will answer another question made by many people here “Lucas, what do you do with the cards after testing? ”
It happens in almost all the videos. Well, most of them are returned.
This card, for example, is on loan to me, it was loaned by EVGA Brazil, it will return to EVGA, as well as boards of other brands, motherboards, in short. Some things remain to me, it’s a partnership between me and the manufacturer in order to mount a bench and run tests for you. For example, Asus gave me X99,
HDs, HyperX memory and SSD, I have another bench with a FM2 that GIGABYTE gave me,
motherboard, AMD gave APU, I had memory, I had power supply,
I had a Western Digital HD, and then I mounted the second bench.
So with what remains, I mount a second bench, a third counter, to perform future tests for you, OK?
Well, let’s test, I’ll test at least four or five games, I will begin by Dying Light, I tested it a long time ago, so let’s do it.
So, guys, it’s Dying Light, I’m running on
Full HD first, then I’ll put in 4k, with maximum settings, including NVIDIA PCSS that was launched recently It’s version 1.11.1 that is
the latest version, my game is on Steam Here you see the data from RivaTuner HWiNFO64, there is already a video from this channel that explains how it can be done,
you just need to search on YouTube: “Peperaio HWiNFO” and you will find the video.
It got around 30,000 views, I think.
Because many people have these doubts So I’m here in the same place where I usually do some tests for you. 3139 MB of video memory.
It’s comfortable, right? The board comes with 6 GB of memory, there’s no reason to worry about.
5000 MB RAM, OK?
GPU running at 47 degrees, as you had already seen in the review, it’s a GPU that works with a cooling system hybrid. Liquid with air.
So it is very, very cold. (I’ll kill these guys here … Back off, man, back off)
I did not play Dying Light for a long time, after you “reset” it, you don’t want to play more, right?
It was there that extension, “The Following” , which was launched, but I did not want to buy it… I don’t know.
I had other priorities, right?
I confess to you that this was the zombie game I liked most. It’s really a game well-done.
FULL HD, you saw that it’s very comfortable.
Let’s put at 2.5k … I will put it directly in 4k, right?
I will not even focus so much in 2.5k.
This is because the objective…
Wow, it’s already very heavy.
The objective of the video is precisely to talk about 4k, because there is
great emphasis on 4k Tests always focus “Oh, 4k, 4k, 4k” …
Well, come on, let’s first play, so I will draw the right conclusions, huh? Let’s go.
Well, it’s running, let’s see how many frames…
35 frames, everything at maximum, obviously there are things we can disable.
It’s using the memory 4900, right? 5000 MB practically.
5500 RAM, so you see that you need to have a little
more RAM, depending on the running-configuration, not only VRAM,
but also RAM.
Well, you see it’s too difficult to play.
30 FPS, you can not play at 4K maximum settings. Of course, we are not taking into account the performance loss that you have with Afterburner, it reduces a little bit of performance. Let me see what we can decrease without restart the game, right? Let’s see, let’s select the high…
We will disable some things here, depth of field, ambient occlusion, antialiasing, film grain…
Anyway, we will just disable a few things here.
Oh, it has already improved a lot, it is running at 44, so we can play it, right?
(Get out, get out of here, get out of here, get out, get out)
You see that, in a moment of action when
you’re surrounded by zombies, and it is very common in this game, being surrounded …
(Heck, are you deviating from my blows, aren’t you?
That zombies are very boring, man!)
It will run at 38 frames, man,
if it were running on max settings, it would run less than 30 It will run in 2.5k, just to clear away the doubts, okay?
I think it’s more worthwhile for us to run at a
lower resolution on higher settings and at least have a good
frame rate, right?
So now it is in 2.5K on max settings, and we get almost 60fps.
It is because we’re recording, without recording, it will run at 60. So, man, I think it is worthwhile if you stay in 2.5k in this game, because it is too heavy.
It is very heavy, both for CPU and GPU. It’s comfortable, nice, you see.
Heads flying here, there.
There is a man throwing up here, man.
In extreme times, it falls to 43.
(Man, that zombie poisoned me)
In more extreme moments, it falls to 43, but it is still an acceptable frame rate in 2.5K. So does it run in 4k?
Yes, it does, if you lower the game settings, which is something difficult with a card.
So let’s go to the next game, OK? So, folks, it’s BF4, it’s not running with Full HD, right?
It’s already in 2.5k, because Full HD is a waste.
It’s running around, I’m not sure, maybe 200, 150 frames, so I think it’s not necessary.
Let me just hide it, or you will see people writing obscenities.
So, it’s a very good performance, in 2.5K we already feel comfortable. Look the helicopter, folks, won’t you do anything…?
Look the guy! He will die, now!
Look another guy! He died.
This is the path… He didn’t see me, man!
Oh, he is here! I’ll kill him with my knife… Did you see it?
I have gone over the top, so I screwed up.
So it’s BF4, it doesn’t require a lot of memory,
6GB RAM, right? OK, I believe that many people already use around 6 or 8 GB, It’s not a problem.
So you see that in 2.5k it’s fine, it’s in ultra, OK, folks? You can see it, look, ultra…
“Oh, Lucas, but the field of view is low.” We will increase it, because people
always complain about it. Let’s see how it looks using the maximum field of vision. So there it is, 70, 90, 95 FPS. Die! Look, it was the field of vision that damaged my game! Let’s run it in 4k, if we are comfortable, why not?
Let’s run at 3840 x 2160. Man, it’s a very high resolution.
Look, 48 FPS.
Come on, let’s get back to our war flags, I’ve seen a man there, they will kill me if I suddenly get into the place 46 FPS, it’s not using even 4 GB, BF4…
Look, I said that I would die here. Let me run a little bit,
I do not want to die now, man.
Look, a guy is shooting at me.
Oh, you shot people in the back, don’t you?
GPU at 47 degrees, very comfortable, So, guys, this is the performance on BF4,
in multiplayer mode, which I believe is the way that most people play, right?
Because the game’s focus is multiplayer, even I’ve completed this game and I’ve never played it again.
I just play it for testing it for you, but multiplayer mode is the best.
So, it’s the map, full of people,
a large map, it is not the heaviest, but it was the only available here, OK? Next game.
To close, folks, in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, which is also a heavy game, so it will run in 2.5k and in 4k
and so we can see its performance, bearing in mind that in my review of this card, I tested
GTA 5, Rise of the Tomb Raider,
Crysis 3, The Witcher 3, and other games, but I won’t repeat it
because it would be repetitive, right? Come on.
Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, in 2.5k with maximum settings.
30 FPS, folks, 30 FPS in 2.5k maximum. 4700 MB of video memory, 5500 RAM … Let me show you the settings: 2.5k, 60 Hz, Ultra High.
Anti-aliasing is heavy, I can disable it to see how it looks.
Let’s see with antialiasing turned off. It is better now, but it isn’t so good.
So you see a lot of people here, and when you look forward, you fall. So, it is very likely that in 4k it won’t be good, but let’s try it let’s see it in 4k…
25 FPS, with maximum settings, without anti-aliasing. So you can see that is very complicated, huh, guys? So you will be able to run some games in 4k: BF4, Dying Light, Assassin’s Creed, if you reduce the settings, run it on high,
very high, but on maximum, it becomes a little complicated. So, the objective of this video was to show you
these different conditions, right? Can you run on Full HD? Easily, all
the games. Can you run it in 2.5k? Yeah, easily, even on maximum if you
want it. Can you run in 4k? Depending on the settings, depending on the game, yes, you can.
It runs. It runs at 25 FPS in this game, on maximum. So you see GTX 980 TI is one of the
strongest GPUs in the market, together with Fury X, which even I have reviewed and done tests here in the channel, so they are the faster GPUs
we have today, and unfortunately in 4k it still requires two cards,
incidentally, I’ve done SLI with 980 TI on GTA, in many games – I will put some links so you will can check these tests – so, currently, in 4k this is one of the fastest cards and
it’s not enough to play heavier games when you use high-quality texture filtering OK? So I advice you to run in 2.5k on maximum, I think it’s very good. If you want
run in 4k, lower the game settings or use this card with another card, or wait
the Pascal. It’s coming soon, Polaris is coming soon too, and it is our expectation that it will bring a better performance, and as soon as I have more news, I’ll bring them to you, OK?
So that’s it, folks, a big hug for you!
Sorry if this video is too long, see ya.
Video memory, it rose to 4000 MB, reached the limit of the card, has started in dynamic memory, look, folks. It’s almost 2 GB of dynamic memory used and, while the dynamics rose, RAM
rose too, because dynamic memory is the RAM So there it is, it reloaded the textures, dropped to 42 frames now…


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