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Hello how are you welcome to my channel my name Fernando I am advertising photographer and today I want to tell you. the 5 tips that in my opinion are the most important ones to take into account at the time of making a web page for photographers [Music] I want to remind you that subscribing to this channel is totally free and remember that when you subscribe you give him the little bell so you’ll know when I’m going up. video and you get the notifications when I upload video I also want to invite you to followme on my instagram account @ferflofoto You know, I’ve been around a lot. around this theme of choosing the adequate hosting service to be able to put my used website practically all hosting services that are in the market believe me that I know all the details of this election theme the right hosting and there is always too many technical details involved, small print and in very many cases little transparency due to part of the people who lend the hosting services so in my opinion the most important thing to take in account when choosing a service hosting is. First, that it’s not free. particularly I am convinced that free hosting services directly for the purpose of have a website that is nothing else that they find you therefore my recommendation is that the service of hosting is paid, you can choose any hosting service from payment are usually quite good There are some better than others I’ll tell you I directly recommend Hostinger for three simple reasons the first reason is that the service is of excellent quality, the second reason is which at the moment have 82%. discounted and the third reason is that the costs of renovation are much cheaper than in the rest of the hosting service providers since you chose the right hosting service what’s appropriate is that set up a website if you want to know how it’s done here on the cards. I leave a complete tutorial step by step from scratch on how to make your own website yes you definitely decide use the hosting service of Hostinger price includes the website builder who is is simply a tool fantastic that doesn’t cost more than it has an immense library of templates tons of beautiful templates all and like I told you, these issues are already there. included in the price so you can choose the cheapest service of all hosting plans and well if you go straight to the point choose between 3 and 5 photos that according to their experience are going to be more liked by your potential customers if you have any doubt about this you can request my support for me to help you in the healing of your work for your page web in these five photos that you choose you have that basically summarize the quality that you have as a photographer and then more you’ll have the opportunity to tell the story of how the experience of working with you as a photographer that is the other point that the potential customers take into account to decide with which photographer work at this point I recommend that you follow the three-click law allows the navigation of your site is the easiest possible and that with only three simple clicks your potential customer comes to where you must arrive that is the form Contact and you know this is quite a challenge because we are photographers and it is a challenge because normally in our pages of photographers there are many photos and even though they are optimized for screen should be as large as possible with the best possible quality but to your as light as possible let’s just say that all of the above is super important is very important good this point is more important than the what happens is that the SEO by it’s usually something that the photographers don’t normally we’re used to I always want you remember that a web page is the advertising and marketing tool more cheap that exists but for it to be the the cheapest and most efficient you have to apply SEO formulas fortunately Hostinger, who is the service that I use has a Very complete basic SEO tool that if you apply it properly because they also guide you from a very methodical way you’ll have approximately 70 % of the SEO covered the remaining 30% if it is SEO professional as it awaits more details deep indexing of engines search if you’re watching this video for sure. you’re watching it from your mobile phone from your mobile device and although the photographers usually have computers because that’s where we edit our photos and we also navigate in them 80%. of internet browsing is made from mobile devices therefore it is imperative that your website is adapted to mobile devices and good these are the tips to create a page web for photographers that in my experience are the most important in other videos I’m going to talk about aspects super important like positioning your website for photographers on engines quest remember that if you deploy in the box of information you are going to find with the URL that will take you directly to the Hostinger’s page for you to register and take advantage of the offer for unlimited time 82% also remember that is used in my discount code “FERFLO” you’ll get an additional 15%. Well, you know, take advantage of it, it’s because limited time and well remember that if you don’t have a website with a photographer You’re out of line, so get your batteries create your web page and if you have any Can you consult me, please? subscribe to this channel give the bell so that they reach you give LIKE to the video, share it and comment and remembers practice, practice and practice that practice is what makes the master chao see you next video

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