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and then traders are all right with you today I’ll go comment that about the mystique around of the paid boats and the free boats arguments that are used to keep in jerez ado to certain operations that won’t get you anywhere to not being the one at your stall so go keep an eye [Music] and then trailers are fine with you christian aquino channel tn binary and today I’m gonna make a video that I’ve already had idea of doing some time ago only I ended up forgetting about it I didn’t write down the script there and come and go I’ve just answered a few questions is of some followers here of channel in the comments and some of these issues are always with the same goal is always the same step The answer I’m thinking of doing is make videos that don’t even have a homologous train the green top-3 handle some issues that are of many people’s questions he picks up the video selects the questions and responds by making a video for more people have access to this response from one way is faster, or then I’ll start doing that too a new question and answer video then I’ll start answering those highly relevant questions and I’m gonna start passing that on to you form and such that’s the question of paid robots and robots for free is who sells a lot of boat in é salesman such a rocks the boat a miracle and put you will be a successful trader using box they in many cases use arguments and are incredible so it is for who is not a programmer for who is starting now ends up being swallowed by that And not to mention I’m lying I don’t know that there are people there who are watching the video yes if identifying with what I’m talking about because you will see the elba’s doubt I’ll even put it here that I’ll read she sent to me oh it’s an admission is I bought a boat over the internet and I liked it quite a bit, but I was trying to get through for my husband to use also person who sold informed that no time of download o totti is attached to the machine’s ip and if was to change and computer would have to request the transfer of ipi or rebuy is true, i.e. you saw something like this I don’t know anything about programming so I was left in doubt but I think they are gossip story the motto to the end of the beautiful documentary is my answer is just a bluff from salesman so you don’t pass a boat onward staff from the moment you buy a boat start using there’s no such thing as apae nery and gives your commitment or that the boat he is totally produced for you and you can’t passing this on is history and seller if you take a boat let’s say you pay a thousand reals in a boat there you pass for someone else the personal boat will not miss the quality that had previously even the same motto there is what can make it difficult for those who are buying mottoes does not understand is of configuration is the one has to have one little more understanding of setup when you have password on the boat but the password can also be removed of the boat but I’m not going to pass as if do that now i’m leaving on the side but people usually put the good is 100 in some boxes so that avoid what there is to transfer in it until normal I think it’s normal to do but talk that the boat is tied to your ip that when you pass the boat ask goodness is bullshit it’s totally bullshit you know that I usually make here personal videos is releasing boxing for free free hump or these woods free people have a lot of boat there and there are people selling expensive and it’s not because person sells you a boat that tite won by 2 thousand reais and opash bote for free here that inferior quality is the same boat staff only it’s gonna put you different arguments that cannot pass because until then and why is it encrypted that is left completely plastered because people is planning says is a strategic planning even because a person is born a boat only makes a boat fully plastered so that you works in an automatic way without you work where you are in a way strategy and the person launches comes from a suddenly that tram starts to undergo various updates and each update you pay also understand you’ll be tied to something that for the love of God that you will be always in a cast and always buying a boat the pablo hote free is the same thing staff that’s so relative because you get caught on the subject or imagined buying a boat now I’ve paid several thousand reais if I pass for my neighbor it’s not a show during the e mail during the act and zap there is no way of depreciating the motto is my same script o same xml are the same settings are the same variables are not thinking that if you got one donwload grace of a boat he goes want to break your bank or chat goes I bet a lot of people are watching this video here you know you already paid me is hundreds leomil reach thousands real there and there went and had the band season i.e. no differentiation of death free boat these arguments of running over and asking encryption is all baloney it’s all bullshit and bull’s-eye who’s not good at boat pay at sometimes it is one thousand two thousand reals usually use that’s why I live to do the three because if you spoke the day trade is only to show you how the boat works there pass an authority a reliability from xml to sell understood I put here to the cover of today’s video I I’ve put this confrontation on a bigger scale, let’s say newborn motto age the bug’s fortunate there just happened to be raised while the age of a monk from two years ago people see this ugly little robot and he’s right there the value of the new mount because he bope it was created on top of variables and more variables I pass the personal loot in mine channel with various configurations because the goal that what I want to pass on to so you don’t keep putting the boat on real account without any kind of strategy because then a boat goes to configuration that I really want you start studying configuration of them you don’t get italian plastered the value of a new boat two thousand reals and a value that the value of the mountain two years behind and thinks of grace is the marketing of miraculous new mountain he’s a total miracle boat goes make you earn a gentleman 10% a day if you follow this strategy right and this spreadsheet that’s just you being seen here you will earn money I don’t know why everybody’s not rich using the boxes that are miraculous I I don’t have until today that you don’t because people are not rich using the goals miracles and the marketing of the old boat that seeing a sérgio at last is bad enough is his time has passed that bar operations and stay the same né the boot is there only that you need what now the goal is the goal of the hill new automatic is what you work plastered because you work in a cast you will be tied to the intelligence of software xml’s grandfather’s agency created you can’t change because you won’t knowing you’re a beginner is talking now you see this miraculous marketing is paying something is paying an amount high added value and one thing you whether or not you get a trust told you that I’m paying a price for you in a boat is because the motto is good so I I’m gonna pay for this mentality that you at least I think that if I topping 12,000 reals on a boat is because he’s good right and then you break it’s one more goal that work in a cast one objective point of that old dinghy that you don’t have automatic analysis is you work with the strategy is what you’ll get you’ll see the market with ray as he’ll be operating and you will enter according to the market you’ll stop at the time you think interesting you will configure the gay martyrdom you’ll set if you go get in a car that will propel and will enter above 3 below 3 above of 6 below 6 those deaths in homs with the simpler settings at least for me they’re the best but what’s the hurdle that everybody likes to buy the miracle boat for ease of operation you’ll get what an intelligence working for you just wants to get out of intelligence working for you always breaking goes there with advertising 500 thousand two thousand reais but you never get that one from consistency is already a good thing that you have you put lime puty you define what you will enter you define what you’re going to stop you can have a gun a life more sustainable understood I am not putting here even if you’re going to have consistency with old boat because that thing the gay martyrdom or he’ll break up with you I lately have a give a lot of shape to the information and even the form of my three I make a lot more gold I have a boat defined and assembled for sera in all operations all operations I I’ve got a lot of serums I’ve gone from one boat here on my channel he works with serums but the analysis is automatic and that I did I got that base boat modified in several different operations than I I get them to analyze being mine on being mine but I don’t want an intelligence artificial making my entries I don’t want to work in a way You’re just not going to win money in this market easily for they’re the market to win easy money harder than you will see the easy money making market harder than you’ll ever see then it’s that don’t try to work cast-iron automatic analysis vessel or I’ll stop by the channel for free because I know that if you buy this boat put money in bahia and you will break the banking inclusion he you goes that our mommy I want passing goal free here on the channel for you to already have it was great not having to shop around and study configuration if you’re doing this I bet there are a lot of people who didn’t know anything before and is doing a gift of these boots that I pass and is studying I’m sure there’s a channel that’s teaching channel programming is teaching is like you and uses the same teaching with abbott configuration of boston also teaching but that thing is the point is that you start opening your mind everybody starts in opening with the wick the cold is the same thing if you get the opaque and go from grace for another person will not lose the quality of data transfer no is there’s not a filter that goes pull something out of the boat will do cut out there’s no such thing as tomorrow I came with third part of that video where or talk is about manipulation is but tomorrow is being a little more is all whether you are a beginner or a salt button bag what I said that dusty thing the person enters this financial market which is a people market already more senior expert have a life experience but when she enters this market here seems to regress mentally is a few years and a teenager and begins to believe in a miracle if in proposals totally crazy and that’s what I’m gonna talking tomorrow is fine then my opinion about the paid robot and stole free is the same thing only the marketing of the robot new of the paid goal he is miraculous and a cold robot it doesn’t fit because who comes you don’t even need the money you’re getting to understand the beauty of the then that’s what that was today’s video of maybe me come back with a day trade video with boat because yesterday he did the dem in 3d manual but that’s the message I was going to pass on that’s where you’re at, that’s where any doubt is anyone you have beauty staff is let the comments say that is what you think about robbery was to talk about how you think we arroba or pay I’ll start getting the issues that I find more relevant than has a general weapon of doubt and I’m going to make video also responding to these questions why I can achieve more people faster and more country practice that’s not it, folks, if you don’t knew my channel already subscribes and already leaves that light to help in the disclosure in the recommendation to the i league modifications if you like this type content here I talk about binary life options with tips and strategies and also releases the free box for you not to go out and buy a motto from the world for That’s good, that’s good, that’s good, that’s good, good people. all Thursday till later bye [Music]


  • trr xd

    Cristiano blz meu amigo???
    Vejo que sua conta esta verificada eu gostaria de saber como vc vez tenho uma duvida sera q posso enviar boleto de compras do mercado livre pra verificacao de comprovante de residencia

  • Bitcoin Na Veia

    Fala irmão baixaei um bot com mais de 2 anos e hoje dobrei minha banca de 24 para 50 dollar…paguei 2450 em 6 bote e toda vez quebrou minha banca agora só uso bote mais antigo e bot free….

  • Bruno Moraes

    Muito bom…e totalmente verdade… ja perdi muito com robôs pagos… preciso muito do seu curso..pra eu poder ganhar dinheiro neste mercado..pq ate agora so perdi…

  • gibafinencio

    Realmente funciona essa metodologia de aprender o que o robô tá fazendo!!! Fazer bem no manual o que ele faz para vc saber o momento e qual robô encaixar naquela ocasião do mercado!
    Falou tudo!!!

  • Opstrade

    Segue a planilha,…. isso é outra conversa, pra dar desculpa quando a pessoa perde a banca…
    -Ai vc perdeu pq não seguiu a planilha … kkkkk
    Esse, negocio de derrubar o sinal e bla bla.. td marketing de venda..

    Tmj man!

  • Cristiano Cabral

    eu não dou um centavo em bot tá cheio de gente ganhando dinheiro e enganando o pessoal bot simples faz muito se ficar de olho no gráfico eu prefiro manualmente

  • Elder Rosa de Jesus

    Máximo que vi até hoje em vários Bot's, é uma senha escondida em algum lugar! Pode estar no bloco 1 ou pode estar em esse bloco é chamado em todos os ticks!!!🤣

  • Francisco Carlos Andrade

    vai do vendedor, tem vendedor que vende picolé para esquimó. Eu nunca comprei, mas conheco quem comprou 3 robos sendo a mesma coisa, PAR IMPAR ele gastou mais de 1k

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