☑️ Host Java Web Applications on Internet – 01 Setup your GoDaddy VPS with Domain
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☑️ Host Java Web Applications on Internet – 01 Setup your GoDaddy VPS with Domain

Hello everyone so in this video series we’re
going to check that what we need to do to have our own live website on the Internet
where we can deploy our own Java web applications so in this particular video we are going to
discuss the basic requirements and what exactly we need to do and to do the basic setup of
the website ok so in order to do all that you need two basic things you need a domain
and you need a VPS which is virtual private server it is basically a machine which is
actually connected to the Internet so that it is accessible to all the people worldwide
so in my example am going to give example of Godaddy so what is Godaddy Godaddy is basically
provides us to buy a domain from them and also provides a VPS facility where we can
purchase the VPS from them ok so let’s begin and I will sign into my account and I will
show you the process so I have logged into my account now here as you can see I have
four rows so first row is domain so I have actually already purchase a domain which is
codeintelligent.com ok and the second row is server I have already purchase a virtual
private server which is CentOS version 6 where we will be deploying Java web application
now when you purchase this VPS you also get email space from Godaddy and you also get
SSL which is the https connection for your website one year free they give and after
that you have to pay so we will go through all this also in the future videos that I
will upload now first of all for our concern today we are going to check how we are going
to actually set up the virtual private server and basically link our domain with the VPS
so the very first step is that we need to go to manage button so it will basically show
us interface where we can actually configure our virtual private server so as you can see
the interface has loaded and as you also can see you can see the CPU usage disc space RAM
usage and all these things so it’s basically an interface that Godaddy is providing for
your virtual private server which is CentOS version 6 that have purchased now in order
to configure the virtual private server we have also provided interface for that we have
to go to CPanel so we have to actually click on Create with WHM which means web hosting
manager now here you will see it’s will say some that your connection is not private is
not to worry it comes like this only in just click on proceed
so here we can see that it has this is the first screen that you will see now you can
actually go through and read all this thing I have already read this before so I will
actually enable these things also if you want you can I enable if you don’t want you no
need to enable you can just go through this documentation if you want you can enable it
and then you can actually click on save settings it will basically do some settings and configurations
internally so you would be basically redirect to this
platform which Godaddy provides for your virtual private server so here the first step is that
you need to actually go to Account Functions and then actually click on create a new account
here it is saying that create a new account and provide your domain information so in
my case my domain is codeintelligent.com so just type your domain name correctly username
if you want you can change I don’t want to change it provide a password
and you can give an email address for example I will give a
[email protected] ok and I will also make a video tutorial that how we are
going to make a Email address in our platform that GoDaddy has given ok so after all this
this verify all the things and click on go down and click on create it will actually
create all the account for you so after all this just check all the details that have
done if you want and after that click on home and then click on DNS functions here you will
see an option called edit DNS zone so please click on that and then select your domain and click on edit
here we need to change some small thing that I will just tell you now what you do is just
copy this thing that whatever you have here and change this particular text box to like
this so it is ns1.codeintelligent.com. in the same way here also the next changes you
just go down and we have to add two entries because here we actually made some changes
in ns1 and ns2 so we need to add some changes and actually add the entry in our configuration
so just type in here ns1 select A here now it is asking for the IP so this is my public
IP for my virtual private server so just add it here second entry would be ns2 select A
here again and type in your IP address here again and just click on save it will save
the configurations so the last step is that we have to come back
to this page again ok and then click on domains and then click on Manage DNS now I have actually
already configured this thing but for your information I will just give you what exactly
need to be done so first of all just scroll down and click on hosts name now I have told
you already configured it for my website so for you it won’t come like this so what you
would have to do is you have to just click on add and then type in like for example I
will click on add then type in ns1 whatever you had there type in that same thing and
then type your IP address which is actually provided by Godaddy which is a VPS server
and then click on save then again click on add IP address and then type in ns2 and the
same IP address and click on save this is the first step that you need to do after this
is done you have to go back to the previous page and then click on we also change nameservers
so for that just take on again this I have already configured for my website already
so I won’t be seen that so what you would for you it would appear as default so what
I would do if you just a from the dropdown will click on custom and then type in there
ns1.codeintelligent.com and also in the add another one and then type in ns2.codeintelligent.com
it won’t be calling codeintelligent.com for you it would be whatever your domain is and
then click on save after few minutes it would be saved and if you after all these steps
if you have to go to your domain and open it then you will find it will come like this
if you see something like this this basically means that you have successfully configured
your website with your VPS virtual private server so that�s it about this video thanks
for watching and if you like the video you can subscribe my channel as I give lot of
updates with the new videos thank you so much.


  • Devendra SRS

    This is nicely design tutorials,

    I would like to know ,how you will get your IP Address. Because there is no description on that, Can you guide me?

    Dev NSR

  • Akash Arora

    hey please help me. i hosted my java web application on server but my database is not connecting it's working on local server please reply soon

  • CodeIntelligent

    Hello Guys, I have remade this course, with the Latest GoDaddy VPS with better sound quality, explanation and also some people included me were facing some issues while configuring Apache Web Server with Tomcat Server, maybe because WHM cPanel got updated with Easyapache 4, which led to the broke in the process which was followed in my older videos! Hopefully, everything will work now for all! 🙂 Here is the playlist link for that https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5WPb1PlL9BT9_ugd5vkVEeQfMaoDD-qf

  • Bhagat Kalra

    Hello Sir,
    I would like to host my website which is made of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jquery, php and may be in future I will use MySQL. So which hosting plan will I take from which service provider….

    I subscribed your channel liked your video.

    Thanks & Regards,

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