☑️ #10 Point Your DigitalOcean Droplet IP Address To GoDaddy Domain
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☑️ #10 Point Your DigitalOcean Droplet IP Address To GoDaddy Domain

Hello everyone, so in this tutorial, we’re
gonna check how we are going to point the IP address of our hosting to our
domain registrar. In my case, I’m using GoDaddy for my domain alright so I
recently purchased this domain called thinkingbell.com and if we try to
actually open this domain right now it will just go to parked page of
GoDaddy which means that right now it is not pointing to any of the hosting
provider. So, what we need to do is we need to point our domain to the hosting
provider and our hosting provider for our domain is DigitalOcean and we have
already generated our public IP address for it. So, basically we need to point
this IP address to our domain. How we do that is we will just copy this and then
go to our domain registrar and there would be your option of DNS. Now here in
in my case I’m using GoDaddy you might have some other provider so you need to
find the place where it will say DNS for your domain and then click on it. Here you will see that you will get an
option of A record and you need to change the value of that A record to
your IP address. Alright so how we will do in this case is that we’ll just edit
it and for A record @ basically means the domain name and
right now it is parked but we will change it to our IP address and then you
can simply go ahead and click on save. So, that’s it basically we have pointed our A record of our domain to the hosting IP address. In the next tutorial we are
going to check about how to secure digital ocean droplet with SSH keys for
root privileged user.


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