★ How To Make a Minecraft Bukkit Server with Hamachi! [Cracked | Any Version | NO PORTFORWARD]
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★ How To Make a Minecraft Bukkit Server with Hamachi! [Cracked | Any Version | NO PORTFORWARD]

Hello everyone, daaparty here once again and
I’m going to show you How To Make a Cracked Minecraft Bukkit Server with Hamachi. There will be a tutorial in the description
and all the links you need throughout this video will
be there as well, so without further ado, let’s start! So the first thing you want to do is download
CraftBukkit, so I’ll download it now. While it’s downloading you can create a folder
and name it whatever you want. I’m just going to name it Bukkit Server. So after it’s done, you just want to drag
it into the folder, and then you have to rename this to just craftbukkit. Then create a new text document, and what
you want to put in this text document is one of these codes. If you don’t know what
bit system you have just go to Computer, Right-Click and Properties. It should be next to System type, so I have
a 64-bit, so I’ll use 64-bit, and then if you don’t know what Java you have go in here
and then go to Program Files, go to Java, and I have jre7 so I’ll use this code. So use whatever is right for you. I’ll close
this now. Paste it in there. Now you can change this
based on how much RAM you want to use for you server. Mines not going to big so I’m
just going to use 512. Now you want to Save As and just name it Run
Bukkit Server and I’m going to make it All Files,
now make sure you have .bat at the end and save. You can close this and you can delete the
previous text document, so after that double click
this and it should create all the server files. After it’s done, you can just close it and
the next step is to download Hamachi. So I’ll download it
and install it. Yes, yea whatever. Download Now and you want to install this. So after it’s done installing just open it
up and it should run. If not, just click the power button
and it should turn on and create all that stuff you need. Now, the IP is right here
and this is how you and your friends are going to join the
server. And you’ll need it for the server properties now.
So open the server properties and in server-ip put that in there. If you want the server to be cracked, you
must change online-mode to false, so this is if
people don’t have a premium they can still join your server. And you want to save this
and close it. Now you want to create a new network. Just
do whatever Network ID you want, I’m just going use
Run Bukkit Server Test, and you can have a password if you want, I’m just going to put
1,2,3 1,2,3. And you friends need to download Hamachi if
they want to join your server as well. So I’m going to
create that. And now what you want to do is run the server and you should be done really.
So Run Bukkit Server, so after it’s done, you
can just connect to it
in Minecraft. And it shoud work. Your friends and join this server and this is a
Bukkit Server so you can add any plugins you wish.
Also in the server properties you can change other files you want to change it to creative,
or change the diffuculty and others. So Thanks
for Watching, please Subscribe, Like, and Comment, and
good bye!


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