• Accessible 360 – Web & App Accessibility Consulting
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    Accessible 360 – Web & App Accessibility Consulting

    Customer service. How can I help you? Hi. First time shopping your website, and I can’t seem to check out. Just head to the upper left-hand corner of the screen- Actually… I’m blind. Oh! …I didn’t know. [laughs] It’s alright. Anyway, I’d love to shop your store, but I guess your website isn’t accessible to those of us with a disability. Accessible? Accessible websites make it easy for a visually impaired person, like me, to be able to shop and buy things on the site. It’s pretty important. We spend twice as much time online. And one in five Americans have a disability. Whether that’s physical, cognitive, or a hearing and visual impairment. One in five Americans have a disability And that can make interacting with your website or your mobile apps difficult. If they can’t complete a purchase, you’re missing out on that business We’re really excited to have our audit team lead by accessibility engineer Aaron Cannon. Everyday I get to go to work and make the world a better place. I understand what it’s like to be a user with a disability. I understand what makes a site not only technically accessible, but also a pleasure to use. We work with you to bring your site up to the level of accessibility compliance that’s appropriate.…

  • Hamburger menu in the responsive navigation bar – Web design tutorial
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    Hamburger menu in the responsive navigation bar – Web design tutorial

    The menu button is an excellent alternative to horizontally cramming multiple menu links. And it goes by many names. As a visual abstraction, the common menu button can remind us of a hamburger. Or gluten-free pancakes. The menu button is built right into the default Navbar element. And it can be accessed and configured in a number of ways. We’ll cover four aspects of the menu button: we’re going to look at the Trigger itself (what’s happening when we press the button), we’ll look at Device visibility (how it shows up on different devices), then Menu types (some of the options we have there), and finally, styling our menu button.…

  • Farmers’ Almanac Promotional Edition (2016)
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    Farmers’ Almanac Promotional Edition (2016)

    Farmers’ Almanac is a nationally known brand that represents trust and authority. Published every year since 1818, Farmers’ Almanac has grown to be the most authentic source for current, creative and useful advice on ways to live a more homegrown, independent, and satisfying lifestyle. With more than one million copies of the Farmers’ Almanac sold on newsstands each year, more than one million visitors to its ever-popular website and the ever-expanding number of people following Farmers’ Almanac on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest, the Farmers’ Almanac brand continues to be a popular source for getting back to the basics and, it just got better. Not only does the Farmers’ Almanac…

  • Self Control – God’s Holy Spirit at Work in You
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    Self Control – God’s Holy Spirit at Work in You

    Today I want to talk to you about one of the fruits of the Spirit… self control and self discipline. So let me ask you, would you like to be better able to exercise self-control in your life? Yeah… self-control is actually something that we I think for the most part can all agree we want that in our life I mean you could use self-control in a lot of very positive ways you could use self-control and you know personal discipline to lose weight you could learn how to stop snacking you could take better care of your body you could use self-control and self-discipline to get out of…

  • Freezed – (Ep 7)
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    Freezed – (Ep 7)

    ♪♪ “Good day and salutations,” is what a total dork would say. YouTube Red-ers, whassup?! [ Chuckles ] No, not whassup. My stretching coach told me no one says that anymore. Any-hizzle, I’m here on the legendary Sunset Boulevard. I’m doing a little something called grounding. Supposedly you’re supposed to have bare feet on grass, but my version is I put my Kobes on the sidewalk. It’s very holistic, and — What the fuck is that? Please tell me that’s not a cat. Please tell me that YouTube Red did not give a feline a billboard! I’m sorry, it’s just cats don’t need billboards, okay? These videos sell themselves. Grumpy…

  • The War Heroes Who Happened to Be Dogs
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    The War Heroes Who Happened to Be Dogs

    Heroes come in many forms; as it turns out, some are even furry and four-legged. Due in part to their superior ability to sniff and hear trouble, dogs have long been a fantastic ally and a great protector of humans. After all, it was Lassie who, through a series of barks, told the grown-ups that Timmy was in trouble again (Note: Contrary to popular belief, Timmy never actually fell down a well. Mineshaft, sure, but no well.) Dogs can also be quite brave and have been known to run into dangerous situations without a moment of hesitation. Throughout history, several dogs have gained a reputation as being courageous in wartime.…

  • Joining Amway Is a Waste (Robyn’s Story) | Anti MLM
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    Joining Amway Is a Waste (Robyn’s Story) | Anti MLM

    hello and welcome my name is Alanda Carter and I am the recovering hunbot if you enjoy anti MLM content then you might want to consider subscribing today I share with you Robins foray into two multi-level marketing or MLM companies my and Omega trend if you would like to support me as a content creator the very best way to do so is through my patreon there’s a link to that in the description I’ve created three tiers and they’re all very reasonable ranging from $1 to $10 a month and literally any amount helps what can I say no one starts out with all the things and I…

  • 10 Most ATTRACTIVE Men’s Hair Styles | Top Male Hairstyles 2017 | Attraction & A Man’s Hair Style
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    10 Most ATTRACTIVE Men’s Hair Styles | Top Male Hairstyles 2017 | Attraction & A Man’s Hair Style

    So, you want to level up your style, you want to come off as more attractive and you know you want to start with your hair, but where are you going to start? Guys, there are so many options when it comes to hair. So, we went out there and we did the research and in today’s video, I’ve got for you ten of the most attractive men’s hairstyles. Now, gentlemen, I want to have fun with this video, right now the order is a bit random. I did a lot of research, we tried to find what were considered to be the most attractive hairstyles, but I couldn’t find…